6 Ways Tech Has Changed Dating (and How You Can Leverage Them)

Finding a romantic partner is often considered to be the main goal for the majority of people. Many individuals search for the love of their life in order to get married and have a family and this is considered to be the cycle of life and the norm within society. However, long gone are the days where the sole way to meet our soulmate is to go to public places and make eye contact with potential long-life love.

The uses of technology have massively increased in recent years and this has facilitated us in many different areas of life, such as online shopping, getting online qualifications, and even staying in touch with family and friends more easily. Technology has just as much improved the way in which we date. In this article, we will discuss six ways in which technology has changed the dating game.

Speed Of Dating
The process of potentially meeting someone in public and planning dates and getting to know the other person meant that the dating process was very slow. Technology has improved this by allowing people to quickly be in touch and get to know each other via text messages or platforms. With the advent of dating apps like Whoshere Plus, it can take just a few hours to quickly determine whether you like someone or not, simply with the use of technology. It can take a few hours to quickly determine whether you like someone or not, simply with the use of technology.

Multiple Formats
Nowadays, thanks to technology, those looking for love have access to different platforms to find their potential soulmate. There are various dating websites and apps that allow people to have easy access to a range of other individuals that have the same desire of finding love and a relationship. Additionally, technology and social media provide a great platform for people to share their own experiences of relationships and even offer advice on how to best perform in the dating process. Personal experiences from RebelLove.com are a good example of discussion which explores the concepts of love, sex, dating, and relationships. Resources like these are great so that you can improve yourself and learn from others to ensure you easily overcome the challenges associated with dating someone else.

A great aspect of using technology in the dating process is that it has turned it into a less formal process. There are many challenges associated with meeting and approaching someone in public – you never know if they are single or want to be approached and you may feel extremely nervous about approaching someone, considering that it is possible that the other person may reject you. Technology has improved this as by using a specific app to find love, you know that everyone on their wants the same thing, and rejection will be much easier to deal with.

Increased Opportunities
With such a big number of existing platforms available, it is evident that people will have increased opportunities to find a match. Although technology and dating apps do not necessarily mean that you will easily find the love of your life, it will increase your chances. You can meet people from different backgrounds that you may not get the opportunity to meet in your daily life and even communicate with people long distance from different countries. This is particularly good for those introverted ones that do not like spending too much time outdoors, as technology allows you to find love without leaving your house.

Time Investment
As discussed above, technology allows you to meet potential matches in a short amount of time. However, this does not mean that you are not required to put time and effort into the dating process, particularly if you are serious about it. One thing about technology is that you can be in contact with the person (or people!) that you are currently dating at all times. And if you are in the early stages of dating and still trying to decide between many people, this will require a lot of time from you as lack of communication can indicate to the other person that you are not interested.

Gender Equality
The standard expectation when it comes to dating is that men should approach the women they are interested in. This creates diverse challenges for both genders as introverted men are less likely to find a mate due to nervousness and women are less likely to feel that they can approach someone they are interested in without appearing to be ‘easy’. Technology has shifted the expectation for both genders as it allows both men and women to approach each other to find a suitable match.

Technology has positively changed the dating process as it has made it easier for people to be in touch with each other and meet people who could be potential mates. However, you can just as likely meet the love of your life in the romantic way many people dream about. Whatever your preferences, age, or where you are in life, never give up on life and finding the love of your life.