Athleisure Secrets: The Right Way To Wear Activewear Outside The Gym

The activewear craze has undeniably blown up in recent years. The style, comfort, and versatility of this apparel have created the new norm of wearing gym wear all day long. If you’re like some individuals who find jeans uncomfortable and irritating, athleisure can most likely become your new best friend.

Even though Activewear is now perfectly acceptable to wear while running errands and hanging out in the coffee shop, there is a so-called ‘code’ to wearing activewear outside of the gym. Read on to discover the must-know athleisure secrets.

“Dress up” your activewear with accessories

While activewear is an awesome style choice for multiple occasions, you still need to tailor, and if necessary, ‘dress up’ your outfit to match the occasion. Jewelry and accessories are an amazing method for achieving this.

There are many ways to glam up your athleisure. My favorite hacks are adding a leather or denim jacket, or accessorizing with a pair of sunglasses and a stunning statement necklace.

Play around with some small changes and additions like this to find the ones you like the most. Knowing some quick procedures to transform your trendy athletic look to an all-day style will certainly come in useful.

Level up your outfit with layering

A simple tank top and black leggings might be a comfy combo for your pilates class but it’s not the chicest look. Aside from accessories, there is another secret to leveling up your sports outfits.

Layering is the key. Choosing layering pieces like a lightweight sweater or jacket will give your workout look a new dimension of coolness. What’s more, you don’t even need to wear extra layers. Simply tying your sweater around your waist is enough to create an ‘out of the gym ‘vibe.

Incorporating sun protection clothing such as a long-sleeved UPF shirt or a UV-protective headband can also serve as both practical and fashionable layering choices. Investing in men’s sun shirts from BloqUV or similar brands is a great option for achieving both sun protection and style. Just remember to choose pieces that complement your activewear and not overpower it.

Freshen up always

Going straight from a sweaty workout sesh to brunch with the girls is not the right way to wear this all-day style. If you don’t have time to shower and change, there are certain features you can look for when buying gym apparel. For example, you’ll find many Fabletics workout clothing items that are created with moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric. This technology quickly whisks away sweat and reduces odor to keep you smelling fresh.

Stay on trend or opt for neutrals

Although activewear is a clothing style that is here to stay, seasonal trends such as colors and patterns will still determine how trendy your activewear outfits are.

Stay up to date with what’s fashionable as much as you can. If you’re unsure what’s in season, you can always play it safe by choosing neutral colors and simple, classic designs instead. Many clothing brands that specialize in athleisure clothing, such as Fabletics, will offer an array of neutral colors and timeless designs.

These easy to follow athleisure secrets will allow you to wear your super comfy sports clothes during all your daily activities. Moreover, you’ll know how to create suitable activewear styles for all occasions. Maybe you will even say goodbye to your jeans!