7 Benefits Of Fresh Flowers At Home

The sight and smell of flowers arranged on a tabletop can make anyone instantly feel good. These fragrant blossoms can brighten one’s day with their vibrantly hued petals and heavenly scent. Having these at the comfort of your home could evoke comfort. 

Have A Blossomy Home!

Flowers are great for gift-giving, planting, smelling, or simply sprucing up your living or working space. Whether catching the scent from the garden or buying from a flower shop, particularly an ethically harvested and sustainably grown flower subscription can add a new layer of meaning to your life. Here are some reasons to have freshly cut flowers in your vase:    

1. Flowers may help purify the air

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conducted a Clean Air Study identifying some plant species as having the potential to improve home air quality. Philodendron, peace lily, and rubber plants, among other greens, are included in the list of plants acting as air purifiers. Chrysanthemums and flamingo lily, also known as anthurium, are the two types of flowers included on the said list. In addition, gerberas and bromelias are also said to have the capacity to remove toxins in the air.      

2. Flowers smell great

Personalizing your apartment doesn’t have to stop at placing brightly colored petals on your desk. If you want to purify the air and have your room smell good, opt for a fast flower delivery and choose strong-smelling flowers like jasmine, frangipani, roses, gardenias, lavender, and tuberose. Magnolia and carnation also offer a subtle aroma helping to lift your mood.

3. Flowers may help boost your memory

A study done in 2007 has found links between having flowers and increased mental stimulation for individuals aged 55 and above called ‘episodic memory.’ This refers to a long-term memory relating to past events experienced by the person, allowing them to reminisce and to strengthen their cognitive abilities. Researchers assume the scent generated by fragrant-smelling flowers may have the capacity to unlock certain parts of the brain responsible for pleasure and memory.

4. Flowers can enhance your mood

The sight and smell of flowering plants can instantly make you feel better, according to a study done by the Clinical Researcher in Psychology Nancy Etcoff of the Harvard University in 2006. The act of receiving flowers can immediately stir up positive feelings and make you feel more compassionate to other people, leading to improved relationships.

Flowering plants’ feel-good effects may have primitive roots. Ancestors used to interpret bright colors as a signal for joy, allowing for the release of dopamine.

5. Flowers may help improve your overall well-being

Apart from making you feel better instantly, gorgeous blossoming plants can also stir positive feelings in a human being. Planting, buying, giving, receiving, or any type of activity involving flowers may also help in facilitating the release of yet another important hormone called serotonin. This hormone is said to influence a myriad of physiological processes helping to regulate mood, sexual functions, sleep, memory, and social behavior.

6. Flowers can be nutritious

Eating a balanced diet used to include only fruits and vegetables, but you can now put flowers in the mix. There are edible flowers you can safely consume and add with your nutritious staples. When mixed with veggies, flowers such as lavender, dandelion, feverfew, chamomile, and rose are said to help supplement your daily vitamin requirements.

7. Flowers can make your living space appealing

There are many ways in which an aesthetically captivating home can impact your health. For one, it can help make you feel more relaxed and less stressed. Because they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, you can also use them to decorate your home according to your desired color schemes.

Bright and neutral hues can bring out different types of emotions in human beings. Being closely linked to the sky and the ocean, the color blue stirs a feeling of serenity and calmness. Yellow triggers a feeling of warmth, creativity, and happiness while red provides energy, love, and excitement. Neutral colors like white and beige project innocence and purity. It’s no wonder why having fresh flowers at home can lift your spirits after a tiring day.


A famous catchphrase prompts you to wake up and smell the roses. But apparently, having flowers at home can do more than provide this response. It can also boost your mood and your overall well-being. Cultivating your garden works wonders for your health, too.

Maintaining flowering plants also helps keep your emotions and mood in check as well as encourage you to stay active and get your daily dose of sunshine. Consider the benefits mentioned here as you plant or buy flowers for your home.