A Detox Day at the Glass House Retreat, Essex

The Glass House Retreat is wholeheartedly and unwaveringly committed to honouring its underlying philosophy of detoxifying their guests to such an extent that they universally leave feeling renewed, refreshed and ready to do rigorous battle once again out in the real world.

The retreat itself is quite the modern art installation in its own right, as huge swathes of the cube-shaped building are constructed from glass to allow natural light to pour into the interior of this haven of tranquility and temple to purity.

The building was designed to capture the contemporary enthusiasm for ‘green living’ and is itself ‘eco-friendly’, with solar panels providing renewable energy, a ground source heat pump and rain water recycling technology to boot.

The retreat promises to be an easily accessible oasis where temptation can be resisted, and the soul can be purged of its bad behaviour, some may require it to simply be rinsed clean, others may require their naughtiness to be chiselled off bit by bit.

The Glass House can be found in the midst of an extraordinary expanse of green, Essex fields, which one may feel is a prophetic innuendo to set the scene for the plant based diet which is provided at the retreat.

A day at The Glass House, taking advantage of its wonderful offerings will run as follows;

9am – Breakfast

Depending on how eager you are to go at the detox concept with both barrels, you may start the day simply with mineral water and lemon and some fresh air on the seven acres of beautiful surrounding fields. However, the breakfast menu will also provide granola and a rather smashing range of freshly made smoothies including Raspberry and Spinach or Cucumber and Kiwi.

10am – GHR Box Fit

The team at The Glass House Retreat are so enthusiastic about boxing that it borders on pugnacity, they encourage their guests to don the gloves and work the bags in their state of the art Fitness Studio. The studio is very much a place of learning, where the team will share their advice and encourage the guests to reach their full potential.

11.45am – Yoga and Mindfulness class

This class is a hybrid of the energetic dynamism of challenging yoga and the thoughtfulness and positive self reflection of guided mindfulness. Guests thrust and stretch themselves into various positions which are named after discordantly linked animals. I’m yet to see a position called ‘the earthworm’ which actually entails lying down, legs and arms together, but the modern day vegam illuminati swears by this practice.

1pm – Lunch

Lunch is a lean, mean, fighting machine affair and the ‘Weight Loss Menu’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Guests may choose from a strategically chosen selection of meals, ranging from the Heirloom Tomato Salad to the Pineapple Oriental Raw Stir.

2.45pm – Aqua Aerobics

You’ll be glad you didn’t fill up on pork belly with cognac glaze and a dollop of dauphinoise when you dive into the extremely handsome, heated leisure pool. The spa at The Glass House is thoroughly comprehensive, but for the fantastic water aerobics class the pool is all that is required. This workout is a superb way of toning and trimming the waist, as the water acts as a natural resistance force. This means that no joints or ligaments are placed under undue and unhealthy stress.

4pm – Glass House Cardio and stretch

The final, pulsating rigour of the day must be the taxing but extremely rewarding Glass House Cardio Class. The fitness salon is well equipped to get the heart rates of its guests pounding. The team are big believers in safeguarding for the future, and their mantra is that time spent strengthening the cardiovascular system now is time very well spent.

6pm – Massage in the Glass House Spa

The spa at The Glass house is slick and minimalistic to help one focus on the cleansing process from the inside out, but this strippped back aesthetic doesn’t mean the treatments are anything other than divine. There is even a signature massage performed on a hydrotherm flotation treatment bed to encourage a feeling of weightlessness and true relaxation.

7.30pm – Dinner

The specialised Soup Menu is in keeping with the spirit of the retreat, all ingredients are selected for their simplicity and healthy attributes, from the Mushroom and Chive through to the Veggie Pho.

Evening – Relaxation in the Communal Lounge and bed

The Communal Lounge at The Glass House Retreat is the best place to be for a post supper chin wag with fellow health enthusiasts, after all. You’re certain to find your kin in this velvet armchair filled room of rejuvenation.

Bedrooms at the Retreat have sizeable, snow white beds which will be irresistibly welcoming after the day’s pulse-racing plethora of purity. The decor of the rooms is comfortable and simple, with a mild and soothing neutral colour palette; the ideal set up to embrace the eager arms of Morpheus.



Harrow Rd, Bulphan, Orsett, Upminster RM14 3BP