A Evening to Remember at Oblix, The Shard

Nestled within the iconic Shard skyscraper, Oblix beckons with its allure as a sophisticated and contemporary dining destination. Split across two distinct spaces, this culinary gem offers more than just exquisite cuisine – it provides a mesmerising backdrop of panoramic views across the heart of London.

Embark on your culinary escapade at Oblix with the tantalising crispy squid, infused with zesty chilli and invigorating lime, offering a delightful burst of flavour in every bite. Alternatively, indulge in the luxurious truffle flatbread, where the earthy aroma of truffle intertwines seamlessly with the rich flavours of pancetta and velvety ricotta, ensuring a decadent beginning to your dining experience.

Indulge in the exquisite offerings from the open fire grill, where culinary mastery meets the primal allure of flame-kissed perfection. For a taste of oceanic opulence, the whole roasted lobster awaits, its succulent flesh bathed in a delicate infusion of lemon verbena and garlic butter, imparting a harmonious blend of citrusy freshness and rich indulgence.

Alternatively, delve into the realm of carnivorous delight with a selection from the larger cuts, such as the dry-aged bone-in rib-eye. Each tender slice of this prime cut boasts an unparalleled depth of flavour, its robust marbling and charred exterior yielding to reveal a luscious interior, cooked to your desired level of perfection.

For a vegetarian delight, tantalise your taste buds with the wild mushroom orzo, featuring a medley of earthy wild mushrooms, complemented by the delicate essence of wild garlic and the creamy richness of cashew cheese.

The pièce de résistance comes in the form of black truffle, adding an indulgent touch of luxury to this rustic yet refined dish. With each forkful, savour the harmonious marriage of flavours and textures, as this delectable creation transports you to a realm of culinary bliss.

Treat yourself to the delightful New York cheesecake, infused with hazelnut and citrus accents, offering a harmonious blend of flavours. Alternatively, indulge in the decadent Oblix chocolate fondant, accompanied by a scoop of velvety salted caramel ice cream.

As you savour each spoonful, let the rich chocolate and sweet caramel swirl together, creating a symphony of indulgence that leaves a lasting impression. These delectable desserts are the perfect finale to your dining experience, ensuring your visit to The Shard ends on a sweet and memorable note.



The Shard, 31 St Thomas St, London SE1 9RY