Artist Residence, Brighton

Artist Residence Brighton
It was a classically British summer’s day that welcomed us into the weekend; drizzly rain and blustery winds arrived just as was forecasted.

Despite the weather, the drive towards Brighton’s picturesque seafront was as pleasant as always and it wasn’t long before we pulled up outside the beautiful Artist Residence Hotel.

Slightly inset from the iconic promenades, the palatial exterior of the regency-style townhouses display their classic 19th-Century features; the cream brick stretching four storeys high, decorative iron railings leading to the chequered steps and surrounding the balconies, and regal pillars either side of the entrance.

The square of Grade II* listed buildings encompass a public garden that stretches out towards the seafront and is the perfect place for hotel residents and locals alike to relax amongst the lush greenery whilst enjoying the fantastic view (weather permitting).

Artist Residence Brighton

My friend Stephanie and I grabbed our bags and hastily made our way to the front door, trying our best to keep dry from the rain. On entering, a grand wooden staircase greeted us, set against authentic exposed brickwork; above us hung a deconstructed-style chandelier and elements of the art-focused decor was displayed on various walls.

We were greeted warmly by the receptionist and, as we arrived slightly early, were seated at the ‘cafe’ for our rooms to be ready. Two drinks were promptly placed on our table and we sipped away happily, discussing plans for the weekend and complimenting the rustic decor.

It wasn’t long before we were shown up the winding staircase and handed our key to room 25, the corridor illuminating as we walked towards it. Room 25 did not disappoint. Our high expectations had been met and surpassed.

Artist Residence Brighton

The interior was an eclectic combination of retro-inspired furnishings and modern industrial-style fittings. Natural light flooded through onto our iron-framed king-size bed, set neatly between two side tables fashioned from ‘Player’s’ heavy cut cigar crates. On one of these was a ‘Robinson’s’ vintage-style radio that had been carefully tuned in to play 1920s jazz as we arrived.

We explored the room fervently, making new discoveries at every glance – such was the clever design of the place. The Artist Residence understands that tea is an essential ritual, and so we were provided with all of our tea-based necessities complete with teapot, caramel wafers, and individually boxed teabags, all encased within a wooden ‘Pepsi’ crate.

At one side of the room stood a magnificent claw-foot porcelain bathtub, positioned for a perfect view of the sea. The assortment of luxurious bath salts, gels, moisturisers and scrubs left us spoilt for choice.

The final, and most impressive aspect of the room, was the glorious sea-view, of which you can never get tired of gazing at through the giant regency windows. The hotel was directly in line with the iconic remains of the West Pier, which floated in the distance of an already breath-taking view – this was the cherry on the cake.

We slumped onto the bed, brewed the kettle, and switched on the TV to watch a classic Wimbledon final between Federer and Djokovic. Life was pretty sweet.

Artist Residence Brighton

We had been informed prior to our stay that their revered restaurant would not be open, as it was a Sunday – however this was not a problem as Brighton is brimming with fantastic restaurants within a 10-minute walk of the hotel.

Stephanie and I had booked a table at Carluccio’s in town and after the most delicious and decadent meal, we ambled our way back towards the hotel in now more pleasant weather conditions.

Our next port of call was The Cocktail Shack. Conveniently situated directly next door to The Artist Residence, this intimate bar proved to be an absolute gem and the ideal venue for a few après-dinner cocktails. All of the choices looked delicious but we settled on one named ‘East Meets West’, which featured rhubarb vodka and was utterly delectable.

The Shack itself is actually comprised from wood salvaged from the Pier that we were looking out onto, and you can’t get much more local than that. I loved that the Artist Residence was so incredibly ‘Brighton’, that it was even constructed from one of our most iconic structures.

It was comforting to know that we were just a stones-throw away from our awaiting bed, and after a few cocktails we exited in good spirits through the passageway connecting the hotel and The Cocktail Shack. We sank into our king-size bed for the second time, (not before a cup of tea of course) noticing how soft the sheets and mattress were, and laying our heads on the fluffiest of pillows, utterly content.

Artist Residence Brighton

After a blissful sleep, we woke early and refreshed in anticipation of our awaiting breakfast; the sea view greeting us in our dreamy state.

From the tempting menu we ordered two eggs Benedict, and watched expectantly through the open kitchen as the chef skilfully fried, baked and toasted.

We devoured every last morsel of the crispy bacon, toasted muffins, and perfectly poached egg drizzled with the most delicious hollandaise sauce. Washed down with an apple juice and a pot of tea, we felt well and truly spoilt.

We visited our room one last time to pack up our things, and reluctantly left it to be prepared for the next lucky guests. We waited in the cafe to be picked up and said our goodbyes to the friendly staff.

The Artist Residence had provided us with the perfect weekend, offering a taste of Brighton and life by the sea, with all the luxuries included.

The boutique hotel combines quirky, vintage and regal effortlessly to make your stay a unique experience. Offering exceptional service, a laid-back vibe, and a true understanding of what its guest’s desire, you’ll want to stay just one more night.

The Artist Residence has also expanded to Pimlico, London and Penzance, Cornwall.

Artist Residence

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