BARRIERS: Working Towards a More Inclusive and Diverse Major League Baseball

When two creative forces collide, magic is made. Eric Masquez an Art Director for Bang & Olufsen who is based in Copenhagen, LA and London has united with Chuck Junior Achikè, a London-based chef at Michelin-starred Cornerstone and the founder of MASAAKI a tattoo and piercing studio.

The pair have embarked on a journey to deconstruct the norm through a five-year exploration spanning film, art, photography and beyond in their project, BARRIERS.

Their first offering from BARRIERS is a conceptual photography series which challenges the status quo of Major League Baseball and confronts why there isn’t a professional woman’s baseball league.

Expect thought-provoking narratives of monumental cultural significance. This is just the beginning…

Major League Baseball (MLB) has long been perceived as a sport dominated by men, from players to coaches to executives. While there have been occasional women breaking into the industry, the overall representation of women in baseball has been small.

However, in recent years, there have been several initiatives and changes aimed at breaking down barriers and increasing opportunities for women in the sport. 

One of the biggest obstacles facing women in baseball is the lack of representation at the playing level. There has never been a woman to play in a Major League game, and the number of woman playing at the semi-professional or collegiate level is still relatively small.

However, progress is being made through organizations like USA Baseball and Baseball For All, which are working to create opportunities for woman to play at all levels of the sport.

Another barrier for women in baseball has been the lack of representation in coaching and front office positions. While there have been a few women hired as coaches, such as Alysssa Nakken by the San Francisco Giants, there is still a stark gender gap in these roles.

In recent years, MLB has taken steps to address this issue through programs like the Diversity Pipeline Program, which aims to increase diversity in front office positions. Additionally, organizations like Woman in Baseball (WIB) have advocated for greater representation of women in all areas of baseball.

One area where women have made significant strides in recent years is in broadcasting and media coverage of baseball. Women now hold prominent positions as analysts, commentators, and reporters covering MLB, including Jessica Mendoza and Heidi Watney. This increased representation not only breaks down barriers for women i. the media but also allows for more diverse perspectives and insights in the coverage.

Finally, a barrier that cannot be ignored is the culture of baseball itself, which has been perceived as both exclusive and resistant to change.

However, there have been efforts to address these issues with initiatives like the MLB’s “Lets Rally” campaign promoting inclusion and diversity, and “TrailBlazers Series” which provides mentoring and development opportunities for young female players.

In conclusion, there are still significant barriers facing women in Major League Baseball, including a lack of representation at the playing and coaching levels and a culture that is resistant to change.

However, there have been several positive steps taken in recent years to break down these barriers and increase opportunities for women in the sport. As we move forward, it is important to continue these efforts and work towards a more inclusive and diverse MLB.