Can Astrology Help You Become Better in Bed?

When studying how one gets better in bed, astrology has played an essential role. Since each star sign has its sexual strength and weakness, they reflect those qualities onto those born under them. According to astrology teachings, your star sign is determined by your birth date, representing your core personality. Where you get placed begins your in-depth astrological profile and also gives your general attitude towards sex. It shows what turns you on, your style of doing sex, and how to set your mood for it. Whatever the approach in bed, astrology helps you boost it, depending on your star. Here is how the stars work when it comes to your performance under the sheets.

1.  Aries

Aries is the first zodiac sign, and it’s for individuals with high-intensity and a fast approach towards life. When it comes to anything in bed, they get turned on by rapid bursts of passion, impulsiveness. Even their partners keep wondering why things happen so fast, and this in-depth guide explains it all. Once the opportunity sets in, they quickly rise into it, resulting in quickies in unfamiliar places.

2. Taurus

Taurus lovers are filled with romantic and soothing gestures and emotions when in the act. The star is ruled by Venus, which gets regarded as the planet of beauty and love. It is the most sensual sign in Zodiac, and its member’s libido rises with sound, taste, sight, touch, and smell. Its members get aroused by delectable aphrodisiacs, sultry massages, and clean, smooth bed linens.

3. Gemini

Gemini stars get represented by twins who are known to have dynamic duality. While its members get attracted to threesomes, they can make a monogamous affair become like an orgy. The sign gets ruled by Mercury, and they are the leaders in dirty talk. The lovers tend to switch positions during lovemaking, with opportunities to pin down, cuddle up to, hold on to, and much more. To know more about your love life, download Spicy Horoscope. Spicy Horoscope is a love horoscope app that will predict your love life based on your Zodiac Sign.

4. Cancer

Individuals who share this star take their sexual experiences to a new level and most end up having casual sex. Cancer, which is symbolized by the crab, makes its members trust their spouses for sexual satisfaction, which gets fostered by being close. Cuddling, holding hands, and spooning makes individuals feel safe and aroused before the actual act. 

5. Leo

Leos represents the lions, the kings and queens ruling the jungle. Leos are performers and declarative when it comes to bed matters. Their major turn on is getting desired for, and they love giving and receiving that emotion through romantic dates. They also love being adored and being given romantic gestures. They start getting active at the thought of being wanted, especially when it’s for passionate lovemaking.

6. Virgo

According to star signs, Virgo represents an idyllic virgin, which symbolizes that all its members are pure and innocent. It has adolescent tendencies, which makes teenagers always think of sex. Its members think of individuals having sex, who have already done it, and when they are doing it. Its members get suited for romantic writing because they are humorous, witty, and have intelligent conversations.

7. Libra

This sign gets represented by scales and strives for harmony in relationships. Planet Venus gets regarded as the planet of aestheticism rules Libra. Its members treat their partners as works of art, adorning their minds and bodies. They love keeping the intimacy enclosed in the bedroom and not anywhere else. In their generosity, they expect you to return the favors.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio is the most zodiac sign associated with sex. The star is known for sophisticated seduction techniques, magnetism, and the appetite for the act. Scorpios are incredibly sexual individuals as they combine a passion for sex with soulful intensity.

9. Sagittarius

These are natural explorers, and to them, sex is an adventure. They view the act between the sheets as a way of adventuring and discovering new things when it comes to romance. Those born under this sign are playful and optimistic and are always carefree when it comes to bed matters.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns approach sexual matters with dedication and determination. They appear detached or unemotional when it comes to romance, making it seem slow. Most of its members love sex without relationships. The partners offer pleasure and take pride in their achievements.

11. Aquarius

Members of this sign have unique traits. Most of them are innovators, nonconformists, and have humanitarian thoughts. They are always detached when it comes to intimacy. They are not strangers to pleasure and get concerned by the abstract realm other than the typical behaviours. They get turned on by anything abnormal and what breaks the rules.

12. Pisces

Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac and absorbs all knowledge, pain, wisdom, and joy of the previous signs. They understand that lovemaking is for two beautiful, unique souls. They value love more than anything else and prefer coupling that satisfies their minds and physical bodies.

Although they are Zodiac signs, these qualities must never determine how one performs in bed. You always need to understand your partners’ sign when it comes to bed matters. When you combine the knowledge presented by these star signs and how your personal relationships work, you’re bound to have a better sensual experience with your partner.