Engagement Ring Shopping- Why Buying Loose Diamond Is A Great Idea

Engagement ring shopping takes a lot of time and effort, whether you are planning a surprise or want to take your lady along. There are several factors you need to bear in mind while picking a piece, from its design to size and price. Another important consideration is the choice between a pre-mounted engagement ring and loose stones.

Surprisingly, a majority of first-time shoppers aren’t even aware of the second option and would simply pick an expensive preset piece without even exploring the idea of having one custom-made with loose diamonds. However, you should absolutely consider this idea because there are some great things about buying loose diamonds. Let us explain these in detail. 

Get to inspect the stones

When you look for loose diamonds instead of preset ones, you have the opportunity to go the extra mile with the inspection process. While it gives you a good idea about the cut and shine, you can take a closer look at the inclusions and flaws. Knowing the 4Cs of diamond buying (colour, cut, clarity and carat weight) gives you a head start and there are good chances that you will end up picking the most amazing piece that is worth its value. You have a wide range of options to explore until you find something that is just perfect. There isn’t a chance that the maker can conceal the flaws with the setting, so you shouldn’t expect any hidden surprises.

Inspecting the stones also gives you an edge if you decide to sell the ring for whatever purpose it may serve. For instance, selling your ring is the best option if you suddenly realize it doesn’t fit your special someone’s ring finger after years of buying it abroad. You’re confident that the resale value is close to or even higher than when you purchased it.

Get the exact quality and size you want

Ready-made diamond engagement rings don’t appeal to everyone. You might be looking for a specific design, quality, or price in a diamond ring that you can’t find in ready-made diamond engagement rings. That’s when you should consider buying loose diamonds.

Most high-quality diamonds for sale are loose or not set in a ring. You can obtain the size, shape, and quality you prefer. Set a loose diamond in the engagement ring you want in your special someone’s exact ring size.

In addition, you probably have a preferred jewelry designer who you want to create your engagement ring. You can buy loose diamonds abroad with better quality at a more affordable price. Once you get home, you can ask your jewelry maker to work on a customized ring. Hence, you get the best of both worlds with the perfect engagement ring for your special someone.

Avail the option of custom setting

Impressing your lady love is all about doing something unique for her and a custom engagement ring can do the magic. The best thing about buying loose stones is that you get the advantage of customization rather than having to settle for something that just doesn’t click. Choose a one-stop jewelry store in Dallas where you can buy loose stones as well as have them designed in custom settings. You can replicate her taste in a design she would love or opt for one that her favourite celebrity flaunts. You may even ask her best friend to help with the design if planning a surprise. There couldn’t be a better way to surprise her and show how special she is.

Find the best price

Another reason why you should consider buying loose diamonds is that you have better control over the price. You can get a specific design within your budget by settling for a smaller or less expensive stone to be set in the same ring. There isn’t a need to stretch your budget just because you want a particular design, rather you can get more with less. Moreover, there is better transparency with this option because you see the granular price of every single component of the ring. You get a better understanding of exactly what you are paying for.

The benefits of buying loose diamonds for your engagement ring are clear now. So just go ahead and take your pick if you want to surprise her with something extra-special for the proposal!