The Ultimate WFH Dressing Guide For Men

Although a lot is being said about women’s WFH style, men wouldn’t want to stay behind. After all, you need to be as style-conscious as your female colleagues are because dressing well keeps you motivated. In the tough times like these, when there’s no choice other than being socially isolated, you deserve to pamper yourself. The best thing to do right now is to dress like a star, even when you are not going to the office. If you think that your options are limited as a man, there is a lot you can do to elevate your WFH style. Let us share the ultimate WFH dressing guide for stylish men. Follow these amazing style tips and ace your fashion game even with quarantine work-styles.

Remember that work is still on

Even as you are cooped up indoors, remember that you are still at work. Operating from home does not mean that you remain unseen. Meetings are still on and you may probably need to video conference with clients and co-workers a couple of times every day. If you have hiring responsibilities, you will also have to connect with prospective employees, usually on video calls. You cannot expect to look lousy and unkempt on professional calls, so work dressing shouldn’t take a backseat even as you work from home. No matter how lazy you feel, get dressed every morning, and skip the comfy athleisure wear.

Set up some time to prepare

Just because you aren’t commuting to work as in routine does not mean that you have the liberty to open your laptop in the bed. Set up plenty of time for an effortless transition between waking up and sitting at work. Decide your outfit for the day the evening before so that you need not struggle to find the stuff in the morning. More importantly, have your shirt and accessories matched if you have an early video call with a client or your boss. Being ready makes you feel more confident and comfortable as you start the day on a positive note.

Invest in a wardrobe revamp

Even as you may expect to work remotely for the months ahead, you must still invest in the seasonal wardrobe revamp as you may have done in normal circumstances. Just make sure that you are a little more selective about the stuff you buy because WFH is as much about comfort as it is about style. Apart from the quintessential shirts, t-shirts add chic style to your wardrobe. Pick some trendy Jasper Holland t-shirts as they look cool and offer great fits as well. Wear a blazer over the tee and you are all set for the important video meet with the client. While you get a revamp for your closet, take the opportunity to declutter it by getting rid of the pieces you don’t need anymore.

Stay on top of trends

Looking good with your WFH styles is not about burning a hole in your pocket. Make sure you follow the latest trends as you revamp your wardrobe for the upcoming WFH season. You need not invest a fortune on bottoms because they will probably not be visible when you take video calls. Just some basics will do, but pack the punch with shirts and t-shirts. Some research on the trending colors for the season can help you with picking the trendiest as you shop. While you may have the basics in your collection, don’t hesitate to experiment with new colors in solids, stripes, checks, and whatever is in trend this season.

Keep it balanced

Perhaps the biggest challenge with WFH dressing for men is achieving a balance because it is easy to be too dressy or too casual. You can skew more casual with the office dress code, but make sure that the vibes are professional. It is important to give you the “office” feel and keep up your motivation levels. Moreover, you cannot expect to sit for a video conference wearing your college sweatshirt or tracksuit. Focus on the overall look, completing it with well-combed hair and groomed beard. No one would want to see you in your weekend look. Rather, you must look like a professional- comfortable, polished, and in charge!

The work-from-home dressing shouldn’t be a challenge, rather it should be something to enjoy. Take it as an opportunity to rediscover the joy of dressing and experiment with your style sense. You will surely be able to make an impression on your boss, clients, co-workers, and anyone you meet virtually.