Dr. Joney De Souza Skin & Laser Clinic

Situated on Blandford Street in Marylebone, Brazilian born Dr. Joney De Souza’s Skin & Laser Clinic is one of London’s elite skin and cosmetic aesthetic centres. But of the many aesthetics professionals out there, why should Dr. De Souza be your top choice? Well, firstly, his knowledge of advanced anti-ageing treatments and aesthetics is really quite remarkable, with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. In addition, Dr. De Souza truly believes in the individuality of each patient, and demonstrates a real passion for skin health. He assures all patients that natural results are the best options he can offer, thanks to his personalised ‘three step approach’ to his anti-ageing treatment program.

Dr. Joney De Souza has a team of highly-skilled aestheticians behind him, boasting a long list of clients looking for ‘less is more’ natural anti-ageing procedures. You certainly won’t find any pillow faced customers walking out of his door.

Once inside the Marylebone clinic, you will feel right at home. The space doesn’t feel clinical in the slightest, instead the décor is pure Parisian chic – instead of feeling as though you’re passing time in waiting room before your treatment, you’ll feel more like you’re relaxing inside an opulent Chanel boutique. 

Dr. de Souza is best known for his Brazilian Zero-Downtime Facial, which is packed full of powerful antioxidants and skin stimulating ingredients, such as magical selenium. For the uninitiated, the treatment works by revitalizing, resurfacing and refining the face and neck, where dead skin cells are removed to reveal a brighter layer. Selenium is then applied, penetrating moisture deep into the skin, which results in an improvement in cell turnover, revealing fresher skin. This is an ideal treatment to invest in between seasons, when your skin needs an extra moisture boost. We were truly wowed by the facial’s incredible effects, especially after those long winter months when our skin was craving an extra hit of hydration. 

The non-surgical facelift is another popular treatment at the clinic, which transforms skin thanks to the unique, cutting-edge and medical only non-surgical laser used: ENDOLIFT®. This minimally invasive laser procedure aims to correct skin laxity, as well as addressing any excess fat on the face, and works to recontour the jawline. Expect skin that is significantly tighter, brighter and more defined. 

If skin-boosting treatments are your thing, then we highly recommend Profhilo, Mesotherapy and laser treatments, you can find PicoSure Laser here: the world’s first picosecond multi-tasking aesthetic laser that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Whether you are in search of Sculpture Body Tightening, a subtle tweakment or an acne scarring reduction solution that delivers visible results, Dr.Joney De Souza Skin & Laser Clinic has it all.

Dr. Joney De Souza, 49 Blandford St, London W1U 7HH