An Intimate Playlist From… Angus and Julia Stone


To celebrate the release of Angus and Julia Stone’s highly-anticipated new album, the ethereal duo have compiled an intimate playlist of their favourite songs exclusively for The Arcadia Online.

Their self-titled new album was produced by none other than the legendary Rick Rubin. Rubin has worked with the music industries elite including; Jay-Z, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Johnny Cash.

Speaking of working with Angus and Julia, Rubin said: “Angus and Julia are truly unique musicians. They are authentic and pure people who do things from the heart. I’ve never worked with anyone like them before.”

Angus & Julia have delivered an album that defies expectations. Call it a coming of age or a re-invention, but their new album is their most exciting, visceral yet.

1. Snap Out Of It – Arctic Monkeys

“Forever isn’t for everyone. Is Forever for you?”

Another great song from this band. I love the way the way their music makes me feel – like I want to go out and dance.

2. Blue Moon- Beck

This is my Dreamy morning song. It’s the perfect pace for the morning… Wakes me up and gets me excited for wandering the streets.

3. Mind Mischief – Tame Impala

Sometimes I just like the sound of band, and this band has a great sound. 60’s Pink Floyd meets stoner rock with a cool groove and killer harmonies.

4.   Shades of Cool – Lana Del Ray

I love the melody with these lyrics – ‘But I can’t fix him. Can’t make him better… and I can’t do nothing about this strange weather’

And then the way her voice travels when the track opens up with the band. Very graceful.

5.  Modern Love – David Bowie

Fell in love with his record ‘Let’s Dance’ after doing acoustic version. I like to be taken back to the tour I did singing this song. Was a beautiful time singing in old churches. Good for dancing after a show as well!

6. Lotus Flower – Radio Head

This song makes time travel possible, which can be really helpful.

7.   Slave to Love – Bryan Ferry

Love this because it has a spacious and sexy 70’s feel to it. Makes me want to follow love anywhere it takes me.

8. The Way- Bonnie Prince

Billy from ‘Master & Everyone’

This song is one I love listening to to get to sleep. This whole record is perfect to drift off into dreams. So peaceful. His gentle foot-tapping coming through the microphone throughout this record is perfect.

9.  How Do I Know- Here We Go Magic

Just because… everything. The words, the feel, they’ve captured the confusion of love in a really melodic and joyful way.

10. Inner City Blues (Make me wanna holler) – Marvin Gaye

Marvin’s sweetness in delivering the hardships of the inner city and the volatile 60s encapsulate the times vividly.

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