Fashion Tips: How To Pull Off The Bohemian Look

You have looked through your closet numerous times, and after hours of finding the right outfit for the day, you are still no closer to getting ready and hitting the streets. You have found yourself in a bit of a dilemma as you are not sure whether you should dress casually or try out something new and refreshing. We might just have the right thing, a Bohemian look, a sort of distorted, unique individual, aesthetic, and lover of the fine arts and life. How can you pull it off, find out in the text below as we give some casual tips?

What is a Bohemian? 

The term essentially refers to individuals opposing the current fashion aesthetics of the day, the modern trends, and socially imposed norms on what to dress and when. This vaguely refers to a Bohemian in a fashion sense, however, it practically is an individual described as “unconventional” and a lover of arts. Every person craves nonconformity, something different from the typical and established order, and has their own distinct viewpoints. This view can be applied to fashion as well, as the person can create unique designs, outfits, and unconventional patterns. However, it has taken many by storm as it gives a sort of rebel vibe and many famous celebs are fond of its looks. Then, how can you pull it off? 

Small items and jewelry 

In terms of accessories, a bohemian look asks for a lot of little bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and anklets. Having a lot of jewelry hanging from you is not a must, you can go for a few rings, maybe a pair of earrings, and a necklace. When you find yourself at the beach, it may be an anklet with little figures, such as little pendulums, in the shape of a sea creature to emphasize the connection with the outer world and surroundings. You can find amazing jewelry at Poco Loco Jewellery as they have a vast number of different accessories to help you look amazing. We also recommend bracelets, the more the better. With bracelets, you cannot go wrong, even having several on one hand at a time, makes it perfect. Maybe one chain bracelet and two or three colorful ones with a little turtle or sun on the front. The same goes with necklaces, however, one is more than enough at the time. 

Ditch patterns 

One simple trick is keeping it loose, seemingly casual without a sense of responsibility, tidiness, or need for everything to be in line. Experiment with lightweight, random fashion items, creating a unique look. Go for something impressive, however, something standing out from the crowd, not necessarily bright colors as many think, rather a unique combination of several items. It has to make some sense, meaning it is not just simply grabbing the first thing you can find. You’ll need to incorporate the items in a sort of linear combination, and more importantly, it has to be an expression of yourself. Individualism is strongly associated with a bohemian and often romantic lifestyle. For example, you can always go for leather- pants, shorts, or tops. Boots are a huge part of the look, and they practically go with everything. Makeup is also a key part of the whole look, eyeliners and black shades -although do not overdo it. Trousers are also a huge part of the whole bohemian “ je ne sais quoi”, especially loose and wide trousers with boots and cute tops. 

Shirts of various colors and designs, while they may appear to be more appealing to men, may also be worn by women. And then again-summer dresses with colorful patterns, unique shapes, and some accessories like hats. 

In terms of footwear, you can go for chunky, wooden, and natural-looking heels or sandals. An amazing outfit can also be a combination of low cowboy boots with some denim and a colorful shirt. Top it off with a few accessories, maybe a hat and some make up and you are ready to go. 


Remember, when it comes to style, it all goes down to spontaneity. The style essentially did not become recognized until recently, although its origins are quite old. Dating back to the late 18th century, it presented an attempt by poor artists and musicians to create their unique fashion as they did not have the resources to dress conventionally. Poverty made them look like a sample of artistic souls, and it later was adopted by individuals opposing the socially imposed values. Therefore, it should present your love for something new, innovative, and unconventional. There are no specific rules, practically anything which is an expression of your personal mental and emotional state.

We hope you’ll find it more than easy to stay stylish and still have something unique on you.