Heavenly Haircare with the GHD Paddle Brush

GHD Paddle Brush

Comb your hair with soft touch brush to get smooth and silky experience

Combing hair is an activity we perform daily. However, do you know how important this process is to the health of our hair? In addition to keeping your hair tame, brushing your hair with GHD paddle brush stimulates scalp oxygenation. The shape of the brush, the material and even the quantity and quality of the bristles make the difference. The GHD brush is an effective and fast styling brush which is crafted especially for medium to long length hair.

Some of its features include…

  • Elegance and silky touch
  • Non slippery handle
  • Especially designed for the professionals
  • It has extended flat base to comb large sections of hair

Which is the best for the health of your hair?

The brush is an indispensable tool to achieve a high level end result, especially when used with the heat of the dryer. Therefore, there are more round models on the market, ideal for styling hairstyles. You can opt to GHD paddle brush pink model which detangles longer length of hair. This paddle brush has a broad flat base which makes it ideal for styling large section of the hair at the same time. Choosing the wrong brush can increase hair fall, and break and ruin the hair’s vitality. Care must also be taken with the scalp which is very delicate. Modern models take this into account.

The combination of materials gives adequate resistance. If only boar would be very vulnerable and if all were synthetic would be very rigid. The releases are also lighter. The structures are worked in plastic, wood and even superfine metals. But technology outweighs the lightness of the material. Ionized ceramic plates at the base of the brushes promise to end hair frizz. The ceramic retains the heat of the dryer better. A necessary caution is brushing with wet wires. Soaking hair is 30% more malleable as the strands lose their stretching power.

But which characteristics to observe?

It’s not just shampoo and conditioner that is important to hair health. The choice of brush is critical for removing impurities accumulated in the wires throughout the day, and bringing greasiness from root to tip. Ideally, combs and brushes penetrate between the wires without breaking them. Regarding the ideal brush, you need to observe details at the time of choice. Other important products for hair health, but also worthy of attention, are: leave in, mousse, ointment, spray and gel. Some are effective in hydration, but excess can be harmful. But choosing the ideal brush is not enough – some object care is also important. It is necessary to remove the hair strands daily from the brush with the help of teeth or comb handles.

When you are going to brush, it is best to separate into small, low volume strands. The width of the strand cannot exceed the diameter of the brush. The hairbrush must be purchased according to the desired result. Pay attention to the shape, the composition of the base, the material of the bristles and the way you comb your hair.

  • Round: Made to style the hair.
  • Chapala: designed for combing hair.
  • Leak: helps air circulate, so it is good for combing wet hair.
  • Space comb: Perfect for detangling wet hair.
  • Fine comb: ideal for spreading hair products.

Material of the comb

  • Synthetic hairs: Perfect for thick hair with aggressive straightening.
  • Hard hairs: Should be used on thicker hair. Those with thin, brittle wires should avoid this type.
  • Malleable cherries: For those who have fine and delicate strands.

Hair type

  • Curly: Combs with widely separated and long teeth.
  • Wavy: Round brushes to model the wires at the ends.
  • Smooth: With delicate bristles not to break the hair and models with small diameter to make less curls.
  • Mega hair: You need a specific brush.
  • With frizz: ceramic based brush.

In addition, the brush should be washed. It is suggested that the object’s head be soaked in warm shampoo for 15 minutes. Then it must be placed in cold or warm running water. It is not recommended to use vinegar or alcohol to clean your brush. Once cleaned, you must wait for it to dry well before storing it.

Do not leave your brush dirty

Like toothbrushes, hairbrushes also get old. Therefore, they should be changed regularly. Dirty old brushes can make your hair greasy and, worse, allow fungal growth on the scalp. Remove hair that accumulates on the brush every day. Wash the brush with soap and water whenever it looks dirty. Dip it for half an hour weekly in a mixture of 1 tablespoon of bleach to ½ litre of drinking water. Dry the wooden brushes in the sun. Change the brush whenever the bristles are bent or the plastic bristles have fallen off. Always buy genuine and branded soft touch combs, and brushes such as GHD.