How To Keep A Special Occasion Special In Lockdown

Ever since March of last year, we have all faced the issue of how to keep those special days special when so many of ways in which we used to celebrate them are currently out of reach. From birthdays and anniversaries to date night, we’ve all found ourselves making the best of it and enjoying ourselves in spite of what’s going on in the outside world. It is so important that we continue to mark these special occasions, and it’s important that we continue to make dreary days sparkle.

Making things special when they could easily just turn into another day of the week is one of the most important tools that we have in our everyday mental health arsenal. So, given that we’ve just said goodbye to the time of year where our outfits and decorations are decided by that one day of the year (hands up who hasn’t put their tree away yet!), here are a few pointers to help you make sure that the occasions that matter to you are still magical and worth remembering for years to come.

Don’t Treat It Like Any Other Night

Here is a simple one to get us started: if you’re planning on spending an evening celebrating something, whatever it is, try to avoid following the same routine that you would on any normal weeknight. What would you do if you were going out? You’d shower, you’d do your hair, you’d listen to some mood-setting music and you’d have a little drink beforehand. If you roll straight from your home office to the kitchen and try and put your party face on, you’re going to struggle to detach from work and you’ll be thinking about checking your phone every time you find yourself with a spare hand. Give yourself some breathing room to get yourself ready.

Think About What You’re Going To Wear

Along the same lines, we really cannot overstate the difference that putting some effort into your wardrobe for the evening will make. If you’re anything like us, your work from home wardrobe is casual at best, and is pretty much pyjamas and a robe for all the days when you don’t have a video presentation to do. But this is just as important for everyone who is still going to work right now. We’ve all got those shirts and suits, dresses and shoes that we keep on the far side of the wardrobe for the nights where we really want to impress. Well, if they have been sitting in that wardrobe since March 2020, it’s time to get them out and show them the light of day.

Buy Something Special For The Occasion

If you want to mark this occasion as something really special, why not treat yourself to a little present that will always be linked to it? Something that you can look at in years to come and think about how you made it through the hard times by making something wonderful out of them. It doesn’t have to be anything too big, for example, the right piece of jewellery can help make the evening sparkle, whether it’s a gift for your partner or something that you’ve been thinking about buying for yourself for some time.

Why not add a little elegance to the evening with a new pair of earrings? A new necklace can make all the difference, and something as understated as a new bracelet can remind you and everyone in the room of how special both you and the occasion are. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, Mococo has an incredible range of jewellery, offering gorgeous pieces from the best brands, such as bracelets from Thomas Sabo. Bring a little glamour back with a bit of extra shine.

Don’t Fall Back On Old Dinner Favourites

We get it, this past year has been a big one for comfort food. We have all found ourselves heading back to the old favourites at meal times as we crave the simple pleasures of the tried and tested dinners, but if you want to make the evening one to remember, why not try something new? Push the boat out and order something that you would never think to try on a lazy weeknight, from exotic cuisines to that local restaurant that has always seemed a bit too pricey when you have overthought things at the end of a long day.

If you are confident in the kitchen, this should be the time when you really swing for the fences and try something completely new and bold. Go for the three-course dinner, go for the fiddly appetisers that have been bookmarked ever since you bought that cookbook, and do not skimp on dessert. And, if you are craving the familiar comforts of fast food, try and think back to a special meal you’ve shared in the past to remind you of the good times you’ve shared and all the ones that are still to come.

Do Not Go Back To The Binge Watches

You’ve dressed up, you’ve had something wonderful to eat and drink, and now it’s time to relax. However, we would urge you to control that impulse to carry on watching the true crime documentary series or that costume drama soap that you’ve been storming through over the last few days. Think about what you’d be doing if you were out on the town, where would you be going?

If you would usually be splashing out on tickets to a music concert, there are plenty of live-stream and recorded concerts out there, and theatre lovers can enjoy performances from venues around the world in the comfort of their own living room. And remember, if it feels like the evening is going to be spent having an endless discussion over which film is the right one to watch, then maybe it’s time to step away from the television! Open up the evening with a video call to friends and family to spread the celebratory spirit, or start planning your next trip away.