How to Properly Care for your Houseplants

So you’ve decided to add some greenery to your home and jump on the trend of bringing the outside in? Although many of us have decided to bring more nature into the home, do we actually know how to care for them properly? We may think we’re green fingered, but houseplants require a lot more attention than you imagine. 

According to recent research by fitted furniture specialists, Hammonds, Google searches for ‘biophilic design’ grew by 21% in the last year, with over 8.1 million posts on the #houseplants hashtag, and 4.2 billion views on #PlantTikTok. However, although it’s a beautiful example of an interior trend, you don’t want to fall into the trap of spending a fortune, only for your new additions to die a month or two later!

Although some may look nicer than others, there are a few that are more straightforward to care for. Here are some top tips to get you started on your plant parent journey.

Monstera Deliciosa

A cult favourite among many houseplant owners. Often known as the ‘Swiss cheese plant’, the Monstera adds flair and personality to any room, and is one of the easier plants to grow. Because it can tolerate low light and grow fast if placed in indirect but bright sunlight, it’s pretty happy in most areas of the home. There’s no surprise then that according to the research, around 59,000 Brits are Googling the plant each month!

It’s important to note that if your leaves are brown and crispy on the edges, your plant is dehydrated and needs attention. 

Peace Lily

A plant for the more experienced of plant owners among us, the Peace Lily is thought to bring hope and good fortune, all while eliminating harmful radiation. What a plant! When caring for yours, it’s important that it’s kept away from cold draughts and is homed in a humid room, such as a bathroom. As long as it’s watered weekly, but the soil left to dry first, it’ll thrive! 

Aloe Vera

This natural healing plant has long been popular among green fingered Brits. Although they’re toxic to pets, so keep them well out of reach, they thrive well on bright and sunny windowsills. If you’re busy and don’t have much time for plant parenthood, the Aloe Vera is ideal.

Chinese Money Plant

From purifying the air to bringing luck and prosperity, the Chinese Money plant is a great low maintenance addition to your collection. Thriving in bright but indirect sunlight means that it’s safe to pop yours pretty much anywhere in the home! It’s important to keep an eye out for drooping stems and yellow leaves, as this can mean you’ve overwatered it. Don’t worry though, simply let the soil dry out and decant any spare water in the pot.