Introducing Jo Malone’s Cologne Intense Collection

A collection of alluring, powerful scents inspired by faraway lands, captivating rituals and treasured ingredients. A spirit of discovery ignites the mysterious and sensual world of Cologne Intense.

The collection looks to the rich and rare as the starting point for nine distinctive fragrances, alongside body crèmes, candles, diffusers and more, allowing customers to enrich their everyday with sumptuous scent.

‘Most of the scents we create find inspiration in British landscapes, traditions and ingredients, but with Cologne Intense, we allow ourselves to find inspiration from further afield.
Cologne Intense fragrances offer warmth, depth and volume, but still retain the clarity
and naturality that Jo Malone London is known for’

Céline Roux, Global Head of Fragrance

Scarlett Poppy £150 100ml

Wild steppes covered in the extravagant blooms of the great scarlet poppy. Their opulence enhanced with velvety iris and the sweet decadence of Tonka bean.

Notes: Top: Ambrette Heart: Scarlet Poppy Accord Base: Tonka Bean

Jo Malone London recommends pairing with Poppy & Barley.

Myrrh & Tonka £150 100ml

The golden sand dunes of the Namib desert: home of distinctive myrrh trees. The resinous scent of the tree sap travelling on the hot air; mingling with the warm almond and lush vanilla notes of the tonka bean.

Notes: Top: Lavender Accord Heart: Myrrh Base: Tonka

Jo Malone London recommends pairing with English Pear & Freesia.

Cypress & Grapevine £150 100ml

A verdant hanging garden dressed with expansive terraces and noble arches. Statuesque cypress trees infuse the air with freshness, powered by intertwining grapevines, grounded with depths of amber.

Notes: Top: Cypress Heart: Grapevine Accord Base: Moss

Jo Malone London recommends pairing with Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

Velvet Rose & Oud £150 100ml

Celebrating the eternal beauty and versatility of a revered flower. The iconic floralcy
of Damask rose wrapped in the smoky depths of oud, sparked with clove and a delicious taste of praline.

Notes: Top: Clove Heart: Damask Rose Base: Oud Accord

Jo Malone London recommends pairing with Blackberry & Bay.

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily £150 100ml

A magnetic trail of incense rising during a sacred ritual. Illuminated by the clean sensuality of black cardamom and fresh lily, enriched with amber.

The Notes :Top: Black Cardamom Heart: Black Orchid Accord Base: Kyara Incense

Jo Malone London recommends pairing with Blackberry & Bay.

Oud & Bergamot £150 100ml

A time-honoured tradition centred around an enveloping haze of captivating oud. This mysterious and precious wood is matched with the richness of black musk, radiating with crisp bergamot.

Notes: Top: Bergamot Heart: Cedarwood Accord Base: Oud Accord

Jo Malone London recommends pairing with Lime Basil & Mandarin.

Tuberose Angelica £150 100ml

A midnight garden filled with florets of hypnotic tuberose. The intoxicating, mesmerising scent of this elegant bloom is touched with the green flower of angelica and the warmth of amber.

The Notes: Top: Angelica Heart: Tuberose Base: Amberwood Accord

Jo Malone London recommends pairing with Peony & Blush Suede.

Vetiver & Golden Vanilla £150 100ml

The coast of Madagascar, rich with orchid-filled jungle and green fields of tall grass. From its roots, vetiver emerges, its earthy depths warmed by vanilla bourbon with an aromatic touch of lavender.

The Notes: Top: Cardamom Heart: Vetiver Bourbon Base: Vanilla Bourbon

Jo Malone London recommends pairing with Velvet Rose & Oud.

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