Le Grand Numéro De CHANEL Exhibition in Paris

Senses are heightened, imagination set in motion… LE GRAND NUMÉRO DE CHANEL is an unprecedented experience, for experts and non-experts alike, an immersive journey that invites you to follow your lucky star, seize your chance, or become part of the legend.

From classic to iconic, from bare minimalism to the upmost sophistication, from the everyday accessory to the piece of art that has inspired the greatest artists – some of whose works will be reunited for the first time – it is the singularity of CHANEL perfumes that is expressed through a visit rich in experiences, discoveries and emotions. To face them is to meet destiny head on, a vital force and a single ambition: to transform one’s life and make the ordinary extraordinary.

From December 15 2022-January 9 2023 at the Grand Palais Ephémére

Registration from November 17th, 2022 on grand-numero.chanel.com

PlaceJoffre, 75007PARIS