Le Petit Chef at Dinnertime Stories, London

Le Petit Chef at Dinnertime Stories, London

In a city like London where we are utterly spoilt for choice when it comes to gastronomy, amongst many other pleasures, it is an extremely rare occurrence to experience something so ground-breaking and impressive that you find yourself telling pretty much everyone you’ve ever met about it.

Le Petit Chef by Dinnertime Stories is a truly innovative two-hour dining concept based on the whimsical culinary exploits of ‘Le Petit Chef’ following the route of Marco Polo. Cutting edge 3D visual technology combined with the enthralling art of storytelling through the use of exotic flavours and high-quality ingredients result in a truly magical experience like no other.

Le Petit Chef at Dinnertime Stories, London 1

Le Petit Chef leaves your head spinning, it mesmerises and seduces all of the senses at once, including; sight, sound and taste. The experience has become a global phenomenon since it launched in the United Arab Emirates in 2017, it has since arrived in Berlin and London with the experience heading to Cairo and Stockholm in 2018.

Located in the heart Shoreditch, East London the Le Petit Chef has begun his London adventure on the top floor of TT Liquor, an authentic speakeasy. One Saturday evening, I entered through a secret door in TT Liquor and was met with two full dining tables hosting over 40 excited guests. As someone who has always shunned away from more open dining arrangements, I assure you that I later discovered that this is an experience that is truly best when shared.

Le Petit Chef at Dinnertime Stories, London 2

I took a seat at the table opposite my guest and suddenly the delight of all the diners the table before us sprung to life. Projectors above illuminated the entire table and the experience began.

I’m torn between wanting to share every exquisite detail of the experience with you but that would spoil all of the fun because the secret to Le Petit Chef’s success is the art of surprise. However, what I can say is the show boasts a decadent six-course menu, which takes diners alongside a unique culinary journey across the regions visited by Marco Polo, the legendary traveller on the silk route, including; Marseilles to Arabia, India to the Himalayas to China. Whilst on this mesmerising adventure, the world’s smallest chef, who is only 58mm dances across the table to great aplomb collecting the ingredients he will need for the dishes that you will eat.

Le Petit Chef at Dinnertime Stories, London 3

Between courses, small notebooks are handed out and then passed along, diners are encouraged to draw or write each other notes for those present and future guests. Some pages boasted naughty jokes, others hilarious notes with one diner thanking the Le Petit Chef from the bottom of his heart for keeping him entertained during a disastrous Tinder date and another touching note from a father who had left his baby at home with his wife for the first time ever and wrote how happy he was to be there.

So, what can you expect? Birds soaring, dragons breathing fire and dolphins crashing into the ocean on your plate, the fresh air of the Himalayans and the heat of an Arabic souk – all in a little speakeasy in East London.

Le Petit Chef at Dinnertime Stories, London 4

With our bellies full and our eyes wide with amazement, our phenomenal meal came to an end and diners broke out into raucous applause, feet were stamped and smiles spread from ear to ear.

Trust me, this is no gimmick; this is innovative theatre, outstanding gastronomy and a story that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Le Petit Chef at Dinnertime Stories, London 5

Dinnertime Stories


17B Kingsland Rd, London E2 8AA

02031 392 793

Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 7pm – 9pm or 9pm to 11pm.

Six-course surprise menu with 5 paired cocktails and wine (vegan and vegetarian options are available) for £95.