L’Or de Jean Martell – Reserve Du Chateau De Chanteloup: A Golden Era of the Art of Living, A Golden Age of Cognac

Maison Martell introduces the inaugural masterpiece of its new line of opulent cognacs, paying homage to France’s most esteemed châteaux, commencing with the iconic Château de Chanteloup.

Maison Martell, the venerable cognac house with the richest heritage, unveils an exceptional collection: L’Or de Jean Martell – Réserve du Château. This bespoke range of cognac blends will be released annually in collaboration with prestigious French châteaux, capturing and honoring the iconic French art of living and heritage that has been synonymous with Maison Martell since its establishment in 1715.

The extraordinary inaugural release from this collection, titled L’Or de Jean Martell – Réserve du Château de Chanteloup, pays tribute to the brand’s historic family estate in France, seamlessly merging luxury cognac with its rich heritage.

Inspired by founder Jean Martell’s visionary spirit, this new collection celebrates the golden age of cognac, paying homage to the dedication in aging eaux-de-vie carefully, allowing them to attain their own “golden age.”

With only 1,000 individually numbered decanters available worldwide, this exceptional launch is a tribute to the Martell family’s ancestral home, the Château de Chanteloup. Nestled in the heart of the renowned Borderies terroir, Chanteloup embodies the generosity and elegance for which Martell is renowned. For this premiere edition, the final aging stage occurred within the walls of the Château de Chanteloup. Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud remarks, “When you hold a bottle of L’Or de Jean Martell – Réserve du Château de Chanteloup, you possess a true treasure; a cognac that represents a 300-year pursuit of excellence.”

L’Or de Jean Martell – Réserve du Château de Chanteloup has been artfully crafted by Martell Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud, blending over 1,400 eaux-de-vie from the four most exceptional terroirs in the Cognac region. Each of these eaux-de-vie has been thoughtfully selected and aged in barrels made from the finest-grained oak sourced from France’s ancient forests.

This cognac offers an extraordinary sensory journey, with notes of iris, wild carnation, and honeysuckle merging into sweet, luscious aromas of red and black fruits, notably cherry and blackcurrant, enhanced by a hint of spice. As the cognac evolves, scents of earth and rancio take center stage, while fragrant notes of sandalwood and cedar evoke the 300-year-old French oak casks in which the cognac rests.

To showcase the remarkable L’Or de Jean Martell – Réserve du Château de Chanteloup, Maison Martell has collaborated with the alchemists of joy at Maison Baccarat to create an exquisite crystal decanter. Together, Maison Martell and Maison Baccarat, both iconic names in French luxury and craftsmanship, epitomize the essence of French excellence. Resembling a single, pure drop of cognac, this elegant and exclusive crystal creation complements the opulence and refinement of the blend it encases.

The decanter is presented within an exquisitely crafted wooden box, accompanied by two stoppers—one for transportation and one for display—along with a product booklet tracing the rich history of L’Or de Jean Martell – Réserve du Château de Chanteloup.