Afternoon Tea at the Cadogan, A Belmond Hotel: French Edition

‘The theatre is done by the ingredients, strong and genuine flavours.’ – Benoît Blin

Chef Pâtissier Benoît Blin introduces a beautiful blend of French artistry and British heritage in his new afternoon tea rendition at The Cadogan. Marrying together the finest seasonal produce with his innate ardour to narrate through taste, Blin’s creations are exemplary. 

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with a delightful, aromatic Virgin Hot Toddy, setting the tone for what lies ahead. A chance soon presents itself for some bubbles, with both, English sparkling and Champagne on offer.

The Tea begins with a vast selection of classic, aromatic and herbal collections, including caffeine-free options, each promising a sensory delight.

I opted for the Jasmine Pearls, an aromatic, sweet green tea with a subtle floral finish, an excellent choice to pair with the first course.

Eliminating the traditional tiered stand, each course is delivered separately in a timely manner. The savoury course presents five unlimited finger sandwiches, each a masterpiece in its own right.

The Warm Tartine of Wild Mushrooms steals the spotlight with its symphony of textures and flavours, while the Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich elevates a classic with the indulgent addition of winter truffle.

Salmon Gravalax graces a toasted croissant, atop a cream cheese base, finished with a quail egg and pickles onions. It’s sweet and savoury with a light and fresh taste. 

Switching things up entirely, the delicate paprika-smoked BBQ Cornbread with Cured Wagyu Beef, and chilli sauce is a sapid addition to the selection.

Meanwhile, from the British Isles, the Cornish crab-filled brioche with pink grapefruit and trout roe is a reliable crowd-pleaser with its fresh, coastal flavours.

Classic plain and fruit scones served with strawberry jam and clotted cream follow on, along with a fresh pot of tea. This time around, I chose the Milk Oolong, a smooth and mellow tea with the comforting aroma of cream and caramel to compliment the finale.

The sweet course constitutes a brilliant union. The French: a piquant, Coffee bean and Cardamom Religieuse, and the British: a Yorkshire Rhubarb and Timur Pepper Pebble Mousse Cake. The pair stand side by side, as a visual display of the culinary influences at force.

But it doesn’t end there, a decadent cake trolley beckons. It has hazelnut and chocolate marble, pistachio and exotic fruit tea, and ultra lemon cakes. As well as, mini Bramley apple pies. 

In the plush surroundings of the Cadogan Lounge, Chef Benoît Blin extends his French touch to London. With 30 years of Michelin-starred expertise behind him, Blin’s creations are a testament to his culinary mastery.

Available daily from noon to 6pm at £75pp, book in and discover why The Cadogan is synonymous with an unforgettable Chelsea experience.


75 Sloane St, Chelsea, London SW1X 9SG