Magazine Exclusive: Not Just A Pretty Face Issue 02


Not Just A Pretty Face: Joanna and Sarah Halpin 

What She Said is the brainchild and creative outlet for model sisters Joanna and Sarah Halpin. With an accumulated following of almost 300,000 on social media, the sisters penchant for minimalism, design and illustration has garnered them a devout audience which is growing stratospherically by the day.

When they are not curating their immensely popular lifestyle blog, Joanna is travelling the world, from Hollywood to Sweden working as a full-time model and Sarah is juggling studying Surface Pattern and Print Design whilst modeling part-time. The Halpin’s are certainly ones to watch.

You’re both self-confessed minimalists. What does minimalism mean to you?

Minimalism means necessary perfection; simplicity, balance, the idea of ‘just enough’. Whether it is fashion, interiors, product or editorial design, we definitely have a thing for uncomplicated styling.  


How would you describe What She Said?

We have always wanted the opportunity to work and travel together. This has started to happen [we’re still slightly in disbelief], but we also wanted a creative outlet of our own; something which enables us to not only use our degrees and showcase our love for design, but to document our interests, inspirations and what we get up to in our everyday lives.  

Do you find it more harmonious to work together because you’re siblings?

Yes, and no. Siblings are renowned for not always seeing ‘eye-to-eye’. So I guess there might be a few more arguments than perhaps other business partnerships, but there isn’t anyone else in the world we’d rather be being doing this with. As well as sisters, we are also the best of friends. We’re in this together, for the nice and not-so-nice bits.  


How do your personalities differ and how does this compliment the way you work together?  

Although in many ways we are extremely similar in terms of taste, there are definitely a number of differences in personality that set us apart. We like to think they enhance the way we work together. Joanna is very proactive and motivated, which means things stay organised and get done efficiently. However, Joanna also has a tendency to want to say yes to everything. Sarah is ever so slightly more stubborn. She is the reasoning; she takes time to assess things and keeps us on the right path. 

You both have a background in design. Do you plan to incorporate it into future projects?  

Absolutely. We are so in love with modelling but we also want the blog to be about more than just that. I guess we feel that we have more to offer. We would love to be recognised for our creativity, our determination and hard work. The long-term dream in-fact is to have our own lifestyle/homeware brand that would showcase our love for beautiful minimal products.

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