Masks: How to Keep your Skin Fresh

It goes without saying that on top of the stress that 2020 has brought so far, our skin is facing many challenges right now that come with mask wearing. Whilst of course necessary for safety in taxis, shops and public transport, it has left some people’s skin feeling sensitive, spotty, smudged and overall, less than fresh.

If you are experiencing skin that has felt suffocated and sensitive from wearing masks, these 5 tips will help you to keep your skin feeling fresh!

1. Cleansing

To begin the day, cleansing is the first step you should take towards achieving that fresh-all-day, bouncy-skin feeling. In the morning, give your skin the wake up it deserves by cleansing with a suitable face wash.

It is helpful here to understand what type of skin you have. People with oily skin may find they are experiencing more oily skin than usual and likewise for people with dry and sensitive skin. Therefore it is more important to be using a cleanser that co-operates with your skin type to maintain a healthy glow. Using a balanced cleanser is an option to consider if you have combination skin! After cleaning your face, it is crucial enough to moisturize it with Cosrx, which will not only hydrate the skin but also will repair damaged skin and improve its texture.

Extra Tip: Try cleansing your face with lightly warmed water instead of hot! This is a more soothing way to clean dry and sensitive skin.

2. Exfoliation

The skin repairs itself whilst you are asleep. So one way to keep it smooth is by using an exfoliator in the morning. This will gently brush away those dead skin cells on the surface layer of skin. Exfoliating smooths the face and makes for an easy application of make up. This means it prevents uneven wear of make up across the lower part of the face which the mask covers, as there are less flakey and scratchy parts of skin for the material to rub against.

An alternative to manual exfoliators are chemical exfoliators. These can be found by using skin care products containing Salicylic Acid. Many dermatologists now prefer using and recommending chemical exfoliators, rather than harsh scrubs, to soften the skin from the bottom-up.

3. Setting spray

Once you have finished your skin care routine, if you have applied make up, one way to keep your face smudge free is by spritzing a setting spray!

There are various types of setting sprays available, however most of these are very strong formulas. These often contain shimmer agents and are designed to keep make up on over a night out. For day time, opt for a more natural setting spray to maintain the freshly-applied-makeup look. This will help to keep your skin looking dewy and still feeling fresh after wearing a mask.

4. Supplements for skin

Whilst navigating the online world of supplements, its easy to get lost in which ones are actually any good.

For skin, there is plenty of evidence to suggest Zinc can assist your body in preventing and treating breakouts. This is because Zinc helps with wound healing and the making of new cells, meaning, it assists the healing process of micro tears on the face. Therefore, adding more zinc to your diet, supports your immune system to give bacteria that is on the mask less of a chance to infect small breaks on the skin.

It is possible to get more Zinc into your diet without taking a supplement, by eating meat, shellfish, dairy and fortified cereals. However, if you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, a supplement may be an easier way to ensure your body is getting the amount it requires for your skin to flourish.

Extra Tip: As always, with taking supplements ensure you also balance your diet and consult a doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions relating to your health.

5. Wash your Mask

Another very important step to follow to keep your skin fresh is to wash your masks often. If you use disposable masks, use a new one regularly. If you’re wearing a reusable mask or face covering, make sure you take the time to give it a hot wash (60 degrees) to keep it sparkly clean. Ensure it has the chance to dry too.

Keeping your masks clean will stop your skin suffering from a continued application of a build up of bacteria and dirt from your face and make up. You wouldn’t wear the same piece of clothing for days on end, so think of it as part of you basic washing routine.

Follow these 5 tips and your skin will thank you for taking the time to keep it fresh and healthy this season.