My Beauty Secrets… Stef Williams

Stef Williams is one of the most influential fitness experts and entrepreneurs on the internet. She has a dedicated following of over 1 million followers and is on a mission to inspire women to glow from the inside out. She is a powerhouse with WeGlow, her wildly successful workout app and SEFI, her new activewear brand.

Stef spills her beauty secrets…

What is your morning skincare routine like?

My morning routine is the most important part of my whole skincare regime for making me feel good and setting me up for the day. All steps I take are to help me maximise my glow and keep my skin super hydrated, but saying that, it is simple and quick.

Good skin starts from the inside – I love starting my morning with some lemon water. We all know that a product can only go so far and staying hydrated with a healthy diet is always going to do wonders for your skin.

In terms of my products, I love Vitamin C and most products I use have this ingredient in them. My typical product schedule goes: toner, serum (I love the skinceuticals serums), Ole Henriksen banana eye cream and moisturiser and if I want to be extra glowy, the Face Gym oil.

Do you remember your first fragrance and why you chose it?

My first fragrance was the Apple Dkny which was bought for me from a boyfriend when I was 13/14. Wow that’s brought back a memory.

What is your signature fragrance now?

Creed Royal Princess Oud. I feel so chic and effortless when I put it on and feel like I can take on anything the day throws at me. I actually went into the store and had a bit of a consultation before I found it, so I feel like it was made for me!

What was your first experience with makeup?

I used to watch my mum get ready at her dressing table and she taught me to always keep it minimal and embrace your natural self. She also brought me the Bobbi Brown book and I’ll never forget reading that quote – all women are pretty without makeup but with the right makeup, can be pretty powerful.

What or who makes you feel beautiful?

Health makes me feel beautiful. I feel most beautiful when I’m taking care of my mental health, looking after myself and feeling confident which is why I built my latest venture, SEFI, around the concept of empowering women to feel beautiful in their own skin.

SEFI is a versatile activewear brand designed to be worn both at the gym and throughout the day, and I have spent so much time rigorously researching and testing this collection to ensure it makes anyone who wears it feel their best and most comfortable selves.

Do you have any beauty regrets?

Too much highlighter. It was around 23 and I adored that Bobbi Brown shimmer box but I just swirled and swirled that brush around, popped it straight on the face with no precision and that is a look I’m glad we overcame.

What beauty products can you not live without?

I really love blush at the moment but if I had to pick one product, it would be a lip balm. Get the right one and they are so versatile – you can pop on your lips or even use it on your cheeks to give you an extra glow. Lip balm is that finishing touch that makes me feel put together.

What is your evening skincare routine like?

I definitely don’t look forward to my evening routine as much, especially if I have makeup on. I usually cleanse (the Emma Hardie balm is gorgeous), tone and then similarly to the morning, either use a moisturiser or oil. If I have the time before heading out or I’m having a bit of a
pamper, I do love to really work my products in and massage them into my face – it feels so so indulgent.

What is one piece of beauty advice that you would pass down to the next generation?

Natural will always be in.

How do you think social media has changed attitudes to beauty?

For myself, personally, it has helped me gain confidence because it’s allowed such a variety of people to share themselves and their looks and seeing that is so beautiful. You have to be mindful and take control of what you’re absorbing and that is your responsibility so make sure you interact with people that are real and make you feel positive.