Nurse Jamie

Los Angeles has always been the home of glamour and beauty, with the significance of skincare at the forefront and when temperatures can often peak past 40 degree Celsius, taking care of your skin is imperative. With that being said, we sat down with none other than Nurse Jamie Sherill, a registered nurse and skincare expert to the stars, from the likes of Reese Weatherspoon, Kelly Rowland and Jessica Alba. Getting her big break by working for thee Kirsten Dunst – Nurse Jamie’s expertise, services and tools speak for themselves. 

From LA to London, Nurse Jamie and I sat down via zoom as she gave me the latest on her new product – a visionary for the future of skincare, the ‘Dermascrape’ a 3-in-1 tool, designed to achieve professional results from the comfort of your home. Giving me a thorough but mild demonstration on her hand Nurse Jamie displayed how effective the Dermascrape really is. 

The Dermascrape, has three modes; to cleanse – with a distinctly shaped stainless-steel spatula encompassing ultrasonic technology which gently cleanses, to extract – the ultrasonic technology aids in lifting dirt and debris from the skin without drying it out and finally to enhance, Nurse Jamie’s favourite mode – when using your chosen products, the Dermascrape exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. The enhance mode penetrates product, improving the delivery of your skincare with meticulous results. 

With Nurse Jamie’s demonstration of the Dermascrape, I grasped her vigour in discussing innovative skincare. I was eager to find out how she began and navigated through her journey. 

Starting out on the front desk, working for a group of dermatologists and surgeons, a young Nurse Jamie’s eye for aesthetics and honest demeanour allowed her to retain clients who sought after her opinion. 

With a light giggle she said, “People would come in and wanted to get things done… I was just a mouthy kid and tried to help people. I really think when you look good, you feel good, you do good, it’s all connected – maybe it shouldn’t be, but I think it is.” 

With an enthusiastic personality and a love for what looks good and making people feel even better, it’s obvious as to why Nurse Jamie propelled through the aesthetics industry.  

She stated, “I’ve been doing laser and injectables way before they were cool.” Starting out at a time where lasers were only used for welding and mechanics, as opposed to now, where lasers are the people’s epicure, it’s a no brainer that in her seasoned time as a skincare professional, she created a 3-in 1 sonic tool, making our day and night skincare routine easier. 

With an integral tone she said, “I think of the beauty tool as the automobile and skincare like the fuel and you need both to get somewhere,”  – having created many successful skincare tools I was curious to know how the Dermascrape really differs? 

She replied, “It actually does completely opposite things within one tool; one helps to drive the product in and the other works to lift impurities out. It is ultrasonic, not just sonic…so that’s 28,000 luminates per minute…” In simple terms, the velocity of the Dermascape when turned on, massages and penetrates quicker and deeper than any of our human hands possibly could. 

As Nurse Jamie sat in her beautiful LA home – where we all have been resided to during the past year with no access to physical skincare help, it’s safe to say that beauty tools have been a saving grace. I questioned how imperative tools are within our skincare routine.

She told me, “It makes a bigger difference than the product… I’m just a huge fan of massage – it helps to improve circulation, reduces premature ageing and tension. You can have the best product in the world but if they sit on the surface of your skin, they are not doing what they are designed to do.” 

She continued, “My biggest thing is not using a product that has a lot of chemicals and acids, but to use a beauty tool that allows the product to absorb, I think it just makes a big difference.” 

With luminous skin, no pores in sight and a roster of celebrities built from hard work, trust and recommendations, whose skin, we all I am sure have once craved – it would have been a disservice if I didn’t find out the beauty tool favourite amongst her clients. 

Nurse Jamie answered, “The Uplift – you do one side of your face, look in the mirror and see a visible difference…it’s press and roll, there’s no wrong way to do it and I think that’s what’s so great about that tool.” Just as she said, you can find the likes of Hilary Duff and Lisa Rhina raving about the Uplift on Instagram.

Nurse Jamie’s innovative enthusiasm, endless knowledge of skin and its care, crossed with her intention of making people feel and look good is reflective in her production of beauty tools. Anti-aging, tension release, complexion correctors are just a few of the outcomes that the Dermascrape tool provides. Nurse Jamie’s newest products are available at Net-a-porter, Harrods and Cult Beauty.