Paradise in Puerto Rico 

What does wellness look like to you? Traditionally, a wellness escape sounds a lot like morning yoga, forest bathing, spa days and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Undoubtedly, getting in touch with your inner self, becoming one with nature and detoxing in a Zen environment is highly impactful. However, wellness can take place in many forms and what better destination to explore these rousing avenues than the Caribbean jewel of biodiversity and rum capital of the world…Puerto Rico. 

The essence of Puerto Rico is its harmonious union of Arcadian idyll and high-spirited life. A series of visual manifestations brought together by their rich ancestry, showcases elements of their indigenous, Spanish and west African influences. The Boricuas, which is the name they adopted from the native Taínos, assimilates to the pride of their rich heritage and cultural identity. Discover the nature and Latina social scene that bestows the world with the famous reggaeton genre and iconic Barcardí label.

Jacuzzi Yoga at La Concha Renaissance Resort, San Juan Resort: 

Enter the beachfront playground and hot club scene that equally aligns with the mind, body and soul, disrupting the traditional narrative of well-being. La Concha Resort is found in the capital city of San Juan, in the affluent, lively neighbourhood of Condado. The area is filled with many restaurants, clubs and bars, ideal for those wishing to let their hair down and party in the name of self-care.

The rooms at La Concha have a calming palette mixed with sea blue hues that compliment the sweeping ocean views. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer a picture-perfect display of the Atlantic seascape, creating a blissful oasis that is not to be missed. The room service dining is notably delicious and perfect for lazy nights in.

La Concha Resort displays a balanced view of life, with a dedicated wellness program that includes tailored yoga experiences that combine hydrotherapy, meditation and relaxation all in one. Guests can sip cocktails outside in the warm breeze whilst performing low-impact exercise in a jacuzzi or pool, set amongst the bustle of the beachfront. It may sound counterproductive, however, it is a great concept and the most enjoyable and intimate yoga session I have ever experienced.





Cooking Class at Cocina Abierta, San Juan:

Discover the forgotten fruits of the island with an interactive cooking class. Encouraging creativity, culinary therapy can be a salve for many and is often overlooked. The traditional Puerto Rican dishes you learn can be re-created at home with adaptations of your choice. This holistic approach is perfect for couples, families and groups of friends, after all, food is known to improve mood.


58 Caribe St, San Juan, 00907,

Puerto Rico

Horse Riding in Isabela: 

Isabela has a raw-edged feel, perfect for those looking for a free-spirited vibe. On the northwestern coast of the island, it is worlds away from the buzz of San Juan, instead possessing a pace of its own. The phrase ’riding into the sunset is a cliche, however, an afternoon trot on the tropical trails offers riders the happy ending found in western movies. Appreciating nature’s beauty with a range of landscapes, the ride is truly therapeutic, with the ocean breeze putting the mind at ease. 

Across from the tropical trails stable is Eclipse, an award-winning Restaurant, at the Villa Montaña beach resort. This alfresco dining spot has a pretty bohemian vibe and the dishes are amongst the best found on the island, from ceviche to stone-baked pizza and Alcapurria.


Isabela, Aguadilla 00662,

Puerto Rico

A day at The St Regis Bahia Beach: 

As previously mentioned, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean jewel of biodiversity and one of the best places to experience this is at St Regis Bahia Beach. Set between the El Yunque National Forest and Espíritu Santos River State Preserve, The St Regis Bahia Beach is a secluded tropical resort spread across 483 pristine acres. 

With the preservation of nature at the centre of their focus, the luscious retreat maintains non-invasive architecture, sticking to low-level buildings that sit below the natural canopy. Previously a coconut farm,  St Regis retains a large portion of the coconut trees, in addition to a wealth of exotic wildlife that has inhabited the land, such as over 240 unique species of flora and fauna, including tropical birds and leatherback turtles. Look out for the Iguana crossing!

As St Regis Bahia Beach is in the foothills area, remnants of the tropical showers are present, offering guests an extraordinary experience. Spend the day lounging by the pool, basking in the sun or taking part in some water sports. The resort also has an impressive 18-hole golf course. Recharge from the majesty of the St Regis Bahia Beach retreat and pop into the rare and refined Iridium spa to take it back to the basics.


State Road 187 Kilometer 4.2, Río Grande, 00745, Puerto Rico