Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel, Porto

Renaissance Hotels have opened their doors to a brand-new property in the historic capital of Porto, set in the quiet, yet monumental hillside town of Lapa. 

Commissioned to create the Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel as an ‘Art House in The Park’, the project was entrusted to local architecture firm Visioarq Arquitectos and interior designers of Broadway Malyan, who drew inspiration from their noble city. The interiors feature vintage Portuguese azulejos (tiles) and artwork from international Portuguese artists, such as Pedrita Studio and Isabel Mello. The colour palette, with its muted tones and touches of champagne gold and deep petrol blue, pays homage to the majestic Douro River that winds through Porto and Gaia.

163 chic, art deco-influenced guest rooms are spread over five floors with four luxe suites, each fitted with a private balcony and spacious living area. A heated rooftop infinity pool is found on the fifth floor, looking out on the city, in an uber-stylish space, with statement blush umbrellas and a design-led seating area surrounding the Sky Bar. Every day from 7-9pm, the rooftop comes alive as the DJ sets the pace for the night.

For those seeking a quieter evening, the ground floor is the place to be, where the Renaissance hotel’s signature bar ritual takes place around 6pm, transitioning into nightfall, four days a week. The brilliant Bar manager, Cristiano, and his team craft a locally infused ‘punch bowl’ with fresh seasonal fruit, picked herbs and gins from Porto, unveiling different characteristics of the city with each combination.

Following the Ritual, guests can enjoy dining at the a.typical Restaurant, the hotel’s exclusive dining establishment, offering Portuguese cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. From an extensive breakfast buffet to an extraordinary À la carte experience, showcasing phenomenal dishes with outstanding presentation. 

Beyond the hotel’s doors, the grandeur of the church of Our Lady of Lapa awaits, a historical treasure dating back to the late 1700s. This symbol of change in the community, commissioned by Brazilian priest Ângelo Sequeira, has evolved into a key reference point for the city’s religion, art, and culture. The church’s neoclassical architectural style, blending Rococo and Baroque elements, stands as a testament to over a century of construction. Since 1995, the addition of a magnificent pipe organ has further elevated its cultural significance. It is said to be amongst the largest and most beautiful organ pipes on the Iberian peninsula.

Porto itself is a captivating canvas, with its terracotta-roofed buildings, hand-painted tiled walls, and winding cobblestone streets. The city’s architecture, a mix of Baroque, Neoclassical, and modernist styles, climbs the hillside, showcasing its architectural riches. The locals’ warmth and enthusiasm for sharing their city’s treasures add an infectious buzz to the atmosphere. Porto’s rich history and diverse culture reveal an ancient city that has stood the test of time.

The coastal city is one of Europe’s oldest centres and its core, Ribeira, has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Bearing both the country and its own name, it was derived from the Roman Portus Cale. Renowned for its Port, the fortified wine was named after this city due to its export from this region. The vines that grow to produce this wine, are grown in the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, the River Douro valley.

The World of Wine (WOW) museum is a perfect starting point for the discovery of this wine region. Offering interactive rooms, a wealth of information, tasting sessions, and a captivating blend of art, culture, and history. Seven themed museums within WOW cater to all tastes, from wine enthusiasts to history buffs. There are seven themed museums: from the Wine Experience, which aims to demystify wine and those revealing the history and heritage of the Invicta city, all the way to the Pink Palace, a wonderland for rosé lovers. 

In the WOW cultural district, a culinary journey awaits, including the Golden Catch, a seafood-focused restaurant where you can savour an abundance of fresh, locally caught fish. Indulge in a seafood platter, experience a posh fish and chips (the octopus version is a must!), and conclude your meal with a dessert of your choice, accompanied by a glass of Port wine.

Porto’s rustic charm is evident along the banks of the Douro River, where small souvenir shops and cafes line the waterfront in Vila Nova de Gaia. It’s a city break destination overflowing with discoveries and provides a breathtaking view of the sun setting behind the enchanting city skyline. Discover the charm of Porto with Renaissance Hotels.


Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel, Rua de Cervantes 169, Porto, Portugal, 4050-289