Review: Ushvani Spa, Chelsea, London


It was three days before Christmas and The King’s Road bustled with last-minute shoppers. It had been the busiest December for me, ever. I was absolutely exhausted and desperately in need of some TLC. Luckily, this was the day of my appointment at Ushvani..

As I made my way to number one Cadogen Gardens, the streets gradually became quieter and I was grateful for peace after the pre-christmas chaos. I found myself standing in front of a beautiful Edwardian building. The entrance was tucked away inside an alcove and I pressed the buzzer to be let in. A few moments later, the heavy wooden door swung open and I was welcomed inside by a lovely receptionist. I was greeted by the warming aromas of Ushvani’s signature scents, nutmeg and ginger, as well as a subtle hint of pandan leaves. The smell was familiar to me and momentarily transported me back to childhood summers in Malaysia.


I was introduced to my therapist, Delia, who gave me an extensive tour of the luxurious facilities.  She informed me that the rich wooden interior was inspired by the founder, Usha Arumugam’s vision to create an authentic Malaysian-inspired day spa in London. I was amazed to discover that all of the wooden furniture and artefacts were imported from the tropical South-east Asian country. It felt undeniably exotic but so relaxing that I immediately felt at home.

The spa is split into two main floors’ upstairs features the Sentosa studio where intimate yoga and Pilates classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Asmara (the Malaysian word for love) Suite is a place of serenity and supreme luxury, an idyllic retreat to enjoy with a loved one. Downstairs is reserved for ladies only, it contains an inviting pool and steam room, a perfect way to unwind before the real relaxation begins. I also relished the softly lit Relaxation Room with offerings of juice, dried fruit and nuts for you to snack on whilst you revel in deeply cushioned chairs. It couldn’t have been more tranquil.


As I recalled my stressful month to Delia, she recommended the Warming Herbal Ritual, a unique twist on one of Ushvani’s most popular treatments, the Ushvani Signature Massage. This perennial favourite has been significantly reworked to achieve maximum results and help you get through the cold, dark months of winter. The treatment consists of warm herbal compresses, assisted yoga-like stretches, massages with Ushvani’s very own oils, Coconut and Hibiscus Oil and The Ushvani Oil.

The massage began with the blissful hot compresses being placed on my upper back and I immediately felt the tensions in my shoulders melt away. To be honest, the rest of the treatment is slightly fuzzy as I was lulled away into a deep sense of relaxation. I was definitely asleep by the end of it but I did wake up feeling like a new woman.

After the treatment, I was in a dream-like state but luckily I was invited to the tea room to try Ushvani’s signature hibiscus tea in preparation to rejoin the real world outside.



020 7730 2888

Ushvani, 1 Cadogan Gardens, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2RJ