Sentimental Keepsakes to Look For During Your Next Eurotrip 

When thinking of souvenirs, the first thing that comes to the mind of an inexperienced traveler are usually the tacky shops that sell all kinds of “authentic” things for three times their actual price that you usually get for your friends and family on the last day there. However, souvenirs range for much more than just keychains and fridge magnets, and the right piece of memorabilia will not only remind you of your vacation, but also make an excellent home decor or a piece of jewelry that you can wear everyday. Thus, today we’ll speak about sentimental keepsakes that you should consider buying next time you’re traveling to Europe. 


If you plan on visiting Italy during your trip, allow yourself to splurge a bit on Italian goods such as leather belts or purses. In case you don’t have a budget, consider getting a designer product, but you can also find a large variety of high-quality handcrafted pieces made by local artists that are just as good. Another interesting idea would be to get a bag of coffee beans so that you can enjoy your morning coffee while reminiscing about your Italian vacation. Finally, for a truly sentimental souvenir, get yourself a vase made of Murano glass which is one of the most popular keepsake choices among tourists. This way, you can decorate your home with a real piece of art and fresh flowers every other week. 


Irish jewelry is a truly underrated souvenir idea that many people don’t know about, focusing their attention on things like the Jameson whiskey or Aran sweaters. The truth is few things encapsulate the history and culture of a nation as well as these jewelry pieces do, as thanks to their symbolism they can represent not only a souvenir, but also a wish for good luck, wealth, and friendship. Claddagh rings are usually the go-to choice, but Celtic knot pendants or earrings featuring the Tree of Life are also great keepsake ideas. If you don’t find anything to your liking while there, thankfully there are many reliable online stores such as ShamrockGift that sell a wide range of Irish presents, including this intricate jewelry of the highest quality. 


No Eurotrip is complete without a vacation in France, so after you indulge in some pain au chocolat and croissants, it’s time to explore the streets of Paris for souvenir ideas. Getting a fragrance or a perfume can be an excellent idea, since it will last for a long time and forever be associated with France. Just like Italy, this country is known for its amazing designers, so consider getting a tailored coat, a bag, or a little black dress that will all serve you for many years to come. Finally, France has some of the flea markets with vintage jewelry, clothing, art pieces, and basically any other thing you can think of at a reasonable price, so walk through those markets as well to find some goodies with sentimental value.