Spring/Summer 2023: Beautiful Color Trends for Bridesmaids Dresses You Need To Know

Beautiful Color Trends for Bridesmaids Dresses You Need To Know

Trends are the guidance you need in making your wedding memorable. There’s no harm in following the latest in the world of matrimony. It’s not only the bridal gowns and groom’s suits that have dedicated trends, but the bridesmaid dresses as well.

Various color trends change every season, especially in spring and summer. Nonetheless, it’s time to throw away the dull traditional shades and follow these color trends for bridesmaid dresses in spring and summer 2023.

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dress


Make the bride tribe your “something blue.” Bring out the regal atmosphere in your lovely matrimony that can rival any royal wedding. A royal blue bridesmaid dress helps you promote trust and confidence in entering your marriage. This color also symbolizes your seriousness in tying the knot with your beau.

Moreover, the royal blue color compliments amber, honeysuckle, white and tan hues. Finally, choose a chiffon fabric for a breathable outfit.

Champagne Bridesmaid Dress

Champagne Bridesmaid Dress

Do you want something timeless? Then, a champagne dress is what you’re looking for. It’s a shade that goes well with elegant weddings. Have the bride’s girl best friends look luxurious with a chic color that offers confidence while they walk down the aisle.

Try satin bridesmaid dresses in champagne color like those found in trusted brands like Cicinia. This number is a common choice for weddings and won’t go out of style even in a spring/summer setting.

Dusty Orange Bridesmaid Dress

Spring and summer seasons mean basking in the warm embrace of the humid air. So choose a dusty orange color for an inviting and warm ceremony hue. It’s a mix of red and orange, which is quite popular at modern weddings because of its eye-catching nature.

The dusty orange shade also looks beautiful in all complexions. You’ll love how each of your bridesmaids shines on your wedding day. After all, they have helped you create the most magical wedding you can ever imagine.

Red Bridesmaid Dress

Spring/summer 2023 doesn’t mean you only need to stick to cool palettes. A wedding is a special occasion celebrating boldness and fierce love, which means using red as the ceremony’s primary color is a great option. The powerful shade is a striking and daring color that’s a real head-turner.

There’s nothing wrong with using a compelling color that symbolizes bravery, strength, love, and commitment. If the couple is brave enough to love, they should also have a shade that expresses the same vigor.

Green Bridesmaid Dress


Clover and sage are the popular shades of green this year! The cool sage blends with the summer fic colors such as deep pinks and soft mauves. Meanwhile, moss color compliments bright colors like yellow or neutrals such as tan and white.

These hues are more casual-looking than emerald green, which is perfect for a spring/summer romantic affair. It’s a great way to give your besties an elegant yet natural look.

Bohemian Rhapsody Bridesmaid Dress

Bohemian Rhapsody Bridesmaid Dress

Boho-inspired wedding themes are in during spring and summer. You don’t need to stick with brown palettes when you want to have the bohemian motif. For the bridesmaid dress, make it enjoyable by mixing different colors such as dusty orange, soft rose, olive, beige, or light yellow.

Bridesmaids shouldn’t always need to match, so mixing a Bohemian rhapsody of dresses will earn a bright smile from the girls who’ve helped you through thick and thin. 

Bridesmaid Dresses Color Trends 2023

It’s no secret how the bride’s besties are essential on the big day. They make sure everything is flawless as the lovely couple ties the knot. With this responsibility, the excellent bridesmaids deserve the best color trend for a spring/summer wedding.

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