The art of living, by Dior Beauty

Pure moments of fulfilment and liberty, pure moments of escape. With the first rays of sun comes an irresistible desire to tan. And all year long, the desire for bronzed skin lingers. It’s about beauty and attitude.

Dior is unveiling its new collection of suncare. Dior Solar. A multi-sensory voyage to the heart of the French Riviera.

Dior Solar is a Dior range for all those who dream of enhanced and protected skin, to enjoy the sun with complete peace of mind. An entire routine to protect and beautify your face, body and hair. Thanks to these SPF products, the skin is protected from morning till night and stays fresh, boosted by the sun’s energy with no fear. To retain only the benefits of the sun.

Mastering the benefits of the sun: such was the challenge taken up by Dior Science, which has incorporated the Tan Beautifier Complex into the entire Dior Solar line. It is capable of simultaneously encouraging, protecting, extending and enhancing your tan. It combines powerful ingredients such as coleus and inositol with a vitamin E derivative.

The Protective Cream

Containing sun filters and available in two different protection levels, the Protective Creme is infused with Tahitian monoi which contributes to its skincare action. Its light, ultra-fresh texture leaves no oily layer on the face.

In addition to being protected from the sun’s rays, the skin appears intensely nourished and hydrated for up to 24 hours after application: + 49% after 6 hrs, + 28% (SPF 30) and + 27% (SPF 50) after 24 hrs.3 Over time, it grows more beautiful and an even tan develops.

The Protective Oil and the Protective Milk

Two levels of protection, two textures and two highly sensorial formulas, whether a lotion1 or an oil2 is preferred. The spray format, with a 360° applicator, enables easy and perfectly even application.
The composition, rich in omegas 6 and 9 from Tahitian monoi, helps soothe feelings of discomfort, provide deep hydration and soften the epidermis, which is greatly solicited during exposure to the sun.

Thanks to the Protective Oil, the skin is satiny and remains hydrated for 6 hours: + 30%. The Protective Milk refreshes and nourishes the epidermis.

With every application, the body is enhanced, the skin remains perfectly supple and protected for an exceptionally radiant tan. The oil can also be used on the hair.

The Subliming Oil

The star product of the range for enveloping the face, body and hair with a sunny glow. Its sumptuous texture leaves a scent of paradise on the skin.

Composed of 95% natural-origin ingredients and infused with pearly pigments of four different shades (bronze, copper, gold and white) for a shine effect that is both subtle and striking, the Sublimating Oil uses the power of plant oils to provide comfort for the skin:

– Sweet almond oil, obtained by cold pressing, provides a high concentration of oleic acid (omega-9), the fatty acid most present in the organism. Thanks to a perfect affinity with the skin, it reinforces the hydrolipid film and provides elasticity, flexibility and nutrition. The skin is revitalized and appears smooth.

– Meadowsweet oil, also rich in omega-9 and various other fatty acids, provides the skin with instant and long-lasting comfort. Naturally present in the skin, squalane provides lipids to nourish the skin. This formula features plant-derived squalane.
Hydration lasts for 6 hours.

In a single sweep, the skin and hair are dressed in a summery glow characteristic of happy days. They remain intensely nourished and enhanced. The tan is extended.

The Self-Tanning Gel

For a golden complexion year-round, or to prepare your skin just before the holidays, the Self- Tanning Gel creates the illusion of a perfect tan thanks to a dual, self-tanning and perfecting action. It is composed of 90% natural-origin ingredients, an unprecedented performance at Dior.

– DHA (dihydroxyacetone) reacts with the amino acids naturally present in the skin to enhance the complexion with a natural, even tan.

– Lactic acid, in the AHA family, is recognized for its capacity to improve skin quality through its keratolytic action, cellular renewal booster.

The After-Sun Balm

The new formula with 94% natural-origin ingredients,1 is ideal for soothing, nourishing and enhancing skin after a day spent in the sun. It provides an authentic moment of relaxation and well-being. The luscious texture instantly refreshes the skin, for an instantly soothing sensation.

– Shea butter is a rich and nourishing plant butter that soothes discomfort in the skin and replenishes lipids thanks to its omegas 6 and 9, essential elements for proper skin function.
– Monoi delivers a genuine feeling of comfort.

Refreshed, revitalized and enhanced with a pearlescent glow, the skin is intensely hydrated, for a long time: + 43% after 6 hrs.3 The tan looks more beautiful, golden and luminous. The more nourished the skin remains, the longer the tan lasts and stays radiant.

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