The Do’s and Don’ts of exploring kinks with your partner

At some points in your relationship, the thought of having everything repeated the same way all the time can become so boring. In fact, getting to see the same person all the time can be something else. This can actually ruin your relationship if not handled with care. One of the aspects of our relationship that would most likely get affected is our kink or sexual life. 

To save your relationship from such boredom, it is advisable that you explore new kinks with your partner. This will help spice up the relationship and bring in fulfilling moments and desires. But the challenge will always be how to go about this exploration without getting a worse result of response from your partner. In this article, I shall take you through some of the do’s and don’ts of exploring kinks with your partner, why you may need to explore kinks, and how you can perfectly achieve your dream sexual wishes without hurting your partner.

Why do you need to explore kinks with your partner

Speaking with kink expert and owner of his own pup mask store, Tom R lists his 6 reasons why you should explore kinks with your partner:

  • Exploring kinks with your partner eliminates boredom and make sex more fun and exciting.
  • Although some partners find traditional sex patterns both enjoyable and just enough for their relationships, exploring kinks with your partner can be a wonderful way to spice up a boring or fading bedroom.
  • Exploring kinks increases depth and trust in a relationship and can strengthen intimacy and understanding in a relationship.
  • Exploring kinks can be all you need to unlock yourself and your partner’s life desires and wishes and get them to open up and release the stress of life’s secrets.
  • Exploring kinky sex can assist you to feel better and even to achieve better mental health by making you or your partner less neurotic.
  • Kinky sex can assist you to grow and become very confidence.

The Do’s of exploring kinks with your partner

  • Ensure proper communications with your partner and provide them with a mental picture of your desired kink fantasies before embarking on them
  • Make the exploration of new kinks a collaborative venture with your partner. In essence, leave a space for their participation and don’t be self-centered.
  • Try to understand your partner’s limits and make efforts to respect them while taking it gradually with them to improve.
  • Learn to do research on new kinks together with your partner, read the recommended books together and see those films together too so you can improve together.
  • Take your exploration of new kinks with your partner easy, slow and steady. Understand that you guys might be opposite in terms of your sexual orientation and might improve on different speed.
  • Learn to trust your partner and be teachable as well. Trust will enable you to explore deeply and humility will enable you to learn faster and better.
  • Be imaginative and rely on yourselves for new kinks sometimes. Source your fantasies from within yourselves and be your own referees.
  • Let your kink exploration with your partner always remain healthy by first being aware of the side effects of the fantasies you would like to explore.

The Don’ts of exploring kinks with your partner

  • Do not suppose that your partner ought to understand what you want without first having deep communication with them as to your desired kinks
  • Do not be so self-centered with your desires for kink exploration that you do not even care to make the adventure a collaborative venture
  • Do not force your kink desires on your partners, it might abuse their limits.
  • Do not watch that kink movie or read those books on kinks alone and suppose that your partner will follow up in bed.
  • Do not let pressure set into your kink exploration, remember that you are the referees of your adventures.
  • Do not be found wanting with trust and humility, it can ruin the depth your partner can go with you.
  • Do not carry out kinks that you haven’t taken time to study its side effects.


In this post, I have taken time to take you through the do’s and don’ts of exploring kinks with your partner so as to improve and have a healthy relationship. Follow it and be imaginative too and you are sure to have a truly healthy sex life. I hope you had a good read