The Lion Lodge, Port Lympne

For an unforgettable adventure, take your family to Port Lympne – it is just as magical as Disneyland for any child, adult or animal lover and is an experience of a lifetime. Located by the coast of Kent on a clear day you can see France in the distance, and what truly sets this reserve apart – it is filled with animals from all over the world. 

Given your own golf buggy and map to explore the park, here you will come across monkeys, rhinos and deer, just to name a few. Safaris run throughout the day with their park rangers who are all highly experience filled with knowledge and stories from safaris in Africa and around the world. 

Stay in the Lion Lodge, a zoo in reverse – as fascinating as it is to be able to see a family of lions beyond the grand windows – they too, can see in. It is quite an experience to enjoy a glass of wine in the bathtub or curling up on the sofa with a book, only to look up and see a lion peeking in. It is truly breathtaking to watch a mother and father interacting from morning till night with their cubs. If you manage to tear yourself away, head down to Babydoll’s for some stone baked pizza, where you can sit and watch cheetahs roaming around whilst you eat.


Aldington Rd, Lympne, Hythe CT21 4LR