The Many Health Benefits of Taking Vitamins

There are a multitude of health benefits that come from taking vitamins, whether they are daily vitamins or supplements you take every now and again, they help make up for a lot of the essential nutrients we miss. Some people assume that they are getting in their nutrients via daily intake of fruit and veg, however, there is a lot of research out there that suggests otherwise. For example, the Centers for Disease Control found that 76% of adults do not meet their daily fruit intake, and even worse, 87% of adults do not meet their vegetable intake.

So with this in mind, this article will explore 8 of the many health benefits that come from taking vitamins.

Healthy Ageing

As much as we wish we could be, no one is exempt from aging and the older we get, the more we need to care for our physical health. It becomes harder for your body to absorb much-needed nutrients and certain medications can act to drain nutrients further. A simple and effective way to combat this by taking vitamins. As we get older and start to experience deficiencies, there are many options of vitamins that can help rid us reset our nutrient levels.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

There are specific vitamins, for instance, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C0Q10, and magnesium all contribute to a healthy heart. Studies have demonstrated that quality vitamins can contribute to the reduction of cardiovascular disease. So if you are someone who worries about cardiovascular health in general or if heart disease runs in the family, then a simple act such as taking some vitamins can help not only your heart but also help to reduce your anxiety.

Minimizes The Risk Of Cancer

There has been a lot of research over the years on the impact of vitamins on some cancers. Many of these studies are finding correlations between vitamin use and a reduced risk of cancer, however, no causations have been found yet. Clinical trials are still ongoing and one trial found that there was a 31% lower risk of cancer in men who were taking multivitamins. This trial included 47,289 people, however, they reported no effects in women. While the role of vitamins in reducing the risk of cancer is still relatively unknown it appears to point in a positive direction.

Supports Your Immune System

In our current climate, our immune systems are more important than ever, so it makes sense that we try and nurture them as much as we can. The most common vitamin associated with strengthening the immune system is Vitamin C, which is a strong antioxidant. Additionally, there are Vitamins D and E which help strengthen immunity. There are no questions about how effective these vitamins are, as they have long ago been proven to boost health.

Nonetheless, people still find themselves lacking in them as they are either not eating enough fruit/vegetables, and with regard to vitamin D, unless you are living in a nice sunny country, you are probably lacking in that too. Other ways to make sure you get these vitamins in is by purchasing them at the vitamin shop or a local pharmacy. Some supermarkets may even have what you are looking for. However, the benefits of using vitamin shops such as Vitasave mean that you can get quick and easy answers from experts on the matter.

Healthier Skin And Hair

This benefit is a lesser-known one among people, and yet it is such an important one! If you are struggling with your skin, whether that is acne, dry skin, or even eczema there are specific vitamins out there, typically Vitamins A, C, and E that help reduce these issues. Vitamin use and healthy hair have also been linked together! And so, if you are tired of having thinning hair or split ends, then Vitamins C and B3 are known to help people get fuller hair.

Aids Brain Function

While some people are skeptical on this matter, there have been several studies conducted into the effect that vitamins have on the function of the brain. There have been small-scale studies that found a positive correlation between vitamin use and better performance of memory in older adults. Other research has explored the links between mental health and vitamin use, as some conditions such as anxiety and depression can be caused by nutrient deficiencies. Therefore, there is no harm in taking vitamins that can act to offset these deficiencies.

Improves Eyesight

Taking certain vitamins has been known to support your eyesight health! Vitamins A, C, E, and selenium are the main contenders being explored in the role of improving your eyesight. As well as this, there have been studies that have shown taking a combination of vitamins, lutein, and zeaxanthin can reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

The amount of time spent looking at screens on computers, phones, and TVs has increased significantly over the years and that has been known to damage eyesight. Sometimes we can’t help our screentime, for instance, if you work a job that requires you looking at a screen for 8 hours a day, then eyes are likely going to suffer. And so, one way to try and battle off eyesight degeneration is to take precautions and to use vitamins on a regular basis.

Taking Vitamins Makes You Feel Good!

Overall taking vitamins is only going to benefit how you feel overall! While this last point is a bit vaguer, vitamin use has been proven to increase energy levels, boost your immune system and reduce the effects of anxiety, stress, and depression. These effects are typically associated with the Vitamin B group.

So with benefits like that, it is no surprise just how many people are turning to vitamins to help support their physical and mental health. If you are experiencing any nutritional deficiencies or simply want to reap the rewards of vitamin use, then make the most of the efficient and convenient vitamin shops that exist online.