The New Mini Electric

Mini is a brand which is synonymous with charisma and a sense of incomparable style which has transcended the decades with extraordinary charm.

This quintessentially British icon has not only graced the roads with its splendour, but also the silver screen – from The Italian Job to the dentally challenged Austin Powers. 

The Mini Electric is the latest in a long line of high achievers, but this new, green release is arguably the most forward thinking thanks to its evident eco-friendliness. Fear not, none of the customary Mini characteristics have been lost in this keenly awaited transition to electric power. 

Mini Electric

The Mini Electric has crisp, responsive steering, rapid directional changes, slick handling and superb power, as per usual, but this time (exactly as it says on the tin) it runs purely on electricity.

This also means that Mini Electric has just one single gear, and so reserves of power are on tap; touch your foot to the accelerator and this new Mini will show you quite why it boasts about being the future of the roads.

Mini Electric

The benefits of running purely on electricity don’t stop there. From the moment you remove your foot from the accelerator pedal the Mini will harvest energy that would have been lost and feeds it back to the battery.

Manufactured to last, the Mini Electric is a strong nod to the future. 

Mini Electric