The Poetry Corner: Boundaries from The Sun Still Rises by Munna Abdelhady 

Sit is taken from ‘The Sun Still Rises’, a beautiful collection of poetry by Munna Abdelhady. Growing up in Pennsylvania, being a woman of colour was unfamiliar but poetry gave Munna a voice when she felt
like she didn’t have one.


We come in and out of each other’s lives

Expecting a space for love and comfort for when we return

You return to the women

I return to the lonely

You come back this time

Claim that it is our time

I am your back up

Always there even when you lack compassion

Are you scared of compassion

Scared of giving yourself to others

Not everything can be on your terms

It is not love

It is not fair

You have no space this time

There is no more for you

I have given you all I could

There is nothing left for you