Top Australian Shows to Watch This Weekend

Australian entertainment content is a unique blend of fun, mystery, and drama. Australia’s contribution to the American entertainment industry has been great, and many people like many Aussie shows.

Especially with streaming services like Hulu, more Australian content is reaching the American audience. Since Hulu is an America-only site, many outsiders are also using the platform to indulge in Aussie humor. You, too, can watch any Australian show you want on Hulu, but you will have to use the same methods that people outside the USA use: VPNs.

With a good VPN, you can easily access Hulu in Australia, so watch top Australian shows on Hulu whenever you want. If you’re confused about which TV show to start from, here is a list:

Mr. Inbetween (2018 – 2021)

Created by the lead actor, Scott Ryan, Mr. Inbetween is an attention-sacking drama that revolves around the life of a charming yet virtuously confused hitman. If you watch this show, you will be offered a blend of intense action, mind-provoking character development, and dark humor.

The show delves perfectly into the difficulties that a hitman faces while balancing personal and professional life. Many viewers loved the show because of its on-the-spot writing, awesome performances, and just the right balance between humor and pressure. Mr. Inbetween makes the audience question their own morals and ponder over what is right and wrong, so that makes it an Aussie must-watch.

Top Of The Lake (2013 – 2017)

Top Of The Lake, created by Jane Campion, is a mesmerizing crime drama that takes place in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. The series follows Detective Robin Griffin, played by Elisabeth Moss, as she investigates the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old girl. The show is renowned for its atmospheric cinematography, rich character development, and a gripping storyline that delves into dark and disturbing secrets hidden within a seemingly idyllic community. Top Of The Lake captivates viewers with its compelling performances, complex themes, and exploration of gender politics, making it an engrossing and thought-provoking watch.

Top Of The Lake is a police procedural drama that mesmerizes the audience by showing great landscapes of New Zealand. Jane Campion creates this series and follows the life of a Detective as she looks for clues regarding the missing case of a pregnant teen.

People majorly love this show because of its amazing cinematography, good character chemistry, and captivating storyline. The dark and bone-chilling secrets of a hidden community are also another global factor that this series is known well among streamers.

City Homicide (2007 – 2011)

Another crime drama that portrays the challenges of a homicide detective. This series depicts a highly immersive ad realistic picture of the Melbourne Homicide Team and their struggles to solve intricate cases of murder. City Homicide will take you on an adventure where you will get to see the details of solving a police investigation and how hard it can be on the personal lives of case solvers.

City Homicide is ready to captivate the audience with a well-written script, a strong cast, and the best narratives that center on the characters’ lives. The series will show you insight into the world of homicide detectives, which is why it is a worthy drama of high praise for crime show enthusiasts.

Please Like Me (2013 – 2016)

A heart-warming comical drama that talks about family problems regarding mental health and sexuality? Yes, please! Please Like Me was created by Josh Thomas, and he drew the show’s plot from his own life experiences. As a fictionalized character of himself, Thomas shows the story as he goes through personal growth while juggling the ups and downs of relationships.

You will witness genuine emotional depth along with humor and vulnerability if you watch Please Like Me. This show was carefully created with endearing characters to narrate the serious and thought-provoking subjects with light humor. This is why Please Like Me is a memorable Aussie series that is definitely worth watching.

The Unusual Suspects (2021 – present)

A fairly new addition to the amazing Aussie TV shows on Hulu, The Unusual Suspects is another crime show that portrays the life of women mired in a murder investigation. This may be another crime drama, but the series has a fresh take on the police procedural drama that showcases women with their unique charms by challenging stereotypes.

The series packs a captivating mixture of suspense, social satire, and enthralling character development that depicts the themes of friendship and women empowerment. When you watch the first episode of this show, you will be compelled to watch the rest as soon as possible because The Unusual Suspect is a promising and addictive Australian show.


If you’re bored with the typical American shows, it’s time to watch some Australian shows! What’s a better place than Hulu to watch such shows, right? If you decide to watch any of these shows, do give feedback because we chose these shows carefully to suit every audience. Have a good streaming session!