Unleash Your Inner Sommelier: Top Wine-Buying Tips

When having dinner in a restaurant, a sommelier—a person who is a certified wine specialist—can help you easily. Still, sometimes you don’t have this type of assistance and you need to buy it yourself, but you may not know how to choose the appropriate one. The good news is that understanding basic things about wine can help you progress, and you’ll know which to pick and at what opportunity. For that, uncover your inner sommelier and enjoy drinking wine.

Consider the Country of Its Origin

One of the common questions asked when a person chooses wine is about its origin and the variety of grapes it’s made of. This is important because we have wines that stand out with their specific tastes and are made in special conditions. Therefore, taste wine from France and enjoy its exceptional taste and international reputation. There are various types of wines, so you can opt for one according to your preferences and the occasions on which you want to serve it. Once you taste them, you’ll realize why French wines are among the most famous.

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Take Time to Learn What You Like

This might sound confusing because wine lovers enjoy all kinds of wine, but some people prefer some tastes over others. So, if you’re a beginner at understanding wine, taste more types of it and decide which taste you like. For instance, begin with whites and roses because they have a milder flavor, and red comes later. Remember to check the back of the bottle and memorize its flavor notes, and you’ll be more confident when buying it. Learning about wine is a process, so take your time.

Taste It Properly

If you’re interested in wines, you’ve probably seen how professionals taste them, so learn from them. When you pour the wine, keep it in your mouth for some time, swirl the wine around in the glass, and take another sip. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the full flavor and intensity of the wine and decide how much you like it. Furthermore, you should have an idea of how to store it and what food goes with what wine. If you know this, it will be easier for you to choose the right one and combine it with your favorite meal.

Don’t Look at the Age of It Only

It’s true that the older the wine gets, the better the taste, but it doesn’t have to be like this always. Sometimes, wines that weren’t produced in the past are of high quality and have a beautiful taste. Some people who produce wine leave grapes to ripen because they caramelize, and some people enjoy this taste. If you aren’t one of these, don’t feel pressured; rather, focus on the type of flavor you want and enjoy it.

Study the Label

Some bottles of fine wine contain eye-catching illustrations and interesting names, which sway a person to buy them, although that doesn’t mean that they’re the highest quality wine. However, it’s crucial to read the label and get some additional information about the type of wine. 

First, look at the region, valley, and grapes within it, because the more details, the better. Also, consider a few characteristics like acidity, sweetness, tannin, and alcohol. You can pay attention to the specific aromas it offers, like citrus, plum, and apple, and see what is favorite to your taste buds. This information can help you buy proper wine, so always read wine labels.

Price Isn’t the Most Important Factor

In many cases, quality wines have a higher price, but that’s not always the most important factor when choosing one. For instance, some bottles of wine are on sale because they’ve been in the store for a while, which doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their taste. Choosing the most expensive wine can lead you astray because it doesn’t mean it will suit your taste, and you can end up disappointed. For that reason, when choosing a wine, start with the flavors and characteristics you personally prefer and let the price be a second consideration.

Keep Track of Wines You Like

Once you’ve made your purchase of wine and are satisfied with it, make sure to make a note of the name of the wine, region, and variety of grapes. Finding a wine you like is really about your taste, so realizing what you like and dislike will facilitate your choice. When you find an enjoyable taste of wine, find something similar next time. You can try the same variety of grapes in different regions or vice versa. That way, you’ll start to feel what your preferences are, and buying a good wine will be an enjoyable task.

Try Different Types of Wine

If you find the taste of wine you like, you probably keep buying it without changing. Still, if you want to awaken your inner sommelier and are interested in wines, try some new tastes every now and then. This is essential because, by tasting a variety of wines, you’ll maybe find some other tastes to enjoy and appreciate, so don’t be afraid to try something new and experiment a bit. You might miss out on your favorite one if you constantly buy only one type, so be open to new choices.

Use Samples

The moment you decide to buy wine and enter the store, you should ask for samples to taste. This helps you discover the types of wine you’ve never tasted before and gain a bit of experience in choosing them. Moreover, consider the verbal recommendations of the experts, because it’s no wonder that the travel industry offers a chance to try various types of wines. This will help you make quality choices in the future, and you’ll look forward to choosing and tasting some new flavors.

Taking into account the tips from above, it’s clear that choosing wine seems like a difficult task, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t know much about it. Yet, by following certain rules, you can learn a lot and become a pro, particularly if you’re interested enough. Don’t hesitate to try different kinds of it; experiment and enjoy people’s favorite drinks.