Unlocking the Secret to Glass Skin: The Seoul Glow Facial at Regents Park Aesthetics

Regents Park Aesthetics, a renowned name in the world of non-surgical aesthetics, is more than just a clinic, it’s a place where clients discover a new level of confidence and rejuvenation. 

What sets Regents Park Aesthetics apart is its team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners, driven by a passion for enhancing natural beauty and a commitment to patient satisfaction. With state-of-the-art machinery and the latest advancements in the field, the clinic offers a diverse range of treatments that address various aspects of beauty and aging. Whether it’s reducing fine lines, enhancing facial volume, brightening, or achieving a more youthful complexion, you’ll find an array of options.

In the quest for radiant, flawless skin, we were invited to test the new Seoul Glow facial. Originating from South Korea, the trend for flawless, dewy complexions are highly admired and desired, creating a real beauty phenomenon that has become a global sensation – clear, luminous, and poreless, glass skin is the epitome of complexion perfection. The clinic has unveiled its exclusive 10-step facial, a seriously indulgent treatment that promises to unlock the secret to achieving glass skin, which includes a combination of LED, microneedling and the instant radiant Chanel injection. Resulting is an instant glow, improved texture, sculpted features and better hydration – read on to discover the Regents Park Aesthetics way to luminous skin…

Step 1: Cleanse

A clean canvas is vital for glass skin. The treatment starts with a deep cleanse to remove impurities and excess oil, allowing the subsequent steps to penetrate the skin effectively.

Step 2: Lymphatic Drainage

A light lymphatic facial massage is then performed which helps to improve circulation, promote lymphatic flow to remove the excess fluid, and push the toxins out of the lymph nodes.

Step 3: HydraFacial

The next step is the cult HydraFacial, which uses a suction tool to penetrate deep into the skin that removes debris from pores with painless suction and nourishes with a serious moisture boost. 

Step 4: Enzyme Peel

A tingly chemical peel is applied to further improve the skin’s appearance, promoting a smoother texture and enhanced skin tone. 

Step 5: Extractions

Steam is applied to open up the pores, followed by meticulous extractions to eliminate blackheads and congestion. This step ensures a smooth, clear canvas for the following processes.

Step 6: Numbing Cream 

Numbing cream is applied over the face for approximately 20 minutes to reduce pain before microneedling is performed. Although, you can skip this process if you want to speed up time and have previous experience with microneedling.

Step 7: SkinPen Microneedling

The next step involves the cult SkinPen device which creates controlled micro injuries that stimulate the body’s natural wound healing response, by producing new collagen, elastin and skin cells.  

Step 8: Chanel Injection

Hydration is key to achieving glass skin. At the same as microneedling, the acclaimed ‘Chanel injection’ is applied over the face – an impressive formula containing a whopping 55 repairing ingredients.

Step 9: Sheet Mask & Cryo Rollers

A deeply hydrating sheet face mask is applied along with icy cold cryo rollers massaged across the face, which help soothe and relax.  

Step 10: LED Light Therapy

Skin is then treated to LED light therapy to further aid the anti-ageing process, soothe the skin, shorten downtime and stimulate cellular activity. A final layer of hydration is applied, and clients receive a post-treatment consultation to discuss skincare routines and maintenance for their newly acquired glass skin.

Regents Park Aesthetics’ 10-step facial for glass skin isn’t just a facial; it’s a journey toward achieving skin that’s the embodiment of perfection minus the Instagram filter. With personalised care, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering results, this treatment offers a transformative experience that takes clients one step closer to luminous, flawless and radiant skin. 

The Seoul Glow Facial, £250

Regents Park Aesthetics ,19 Wimpole St, London, W1G 8GE