What I Have Learnt: Brittny Ward

Brittny Ward is not just a pretty face. The model co-founded Girls on Swim, creating the original transparent strap bikini and founded Vintage Keepers, an online shop sourcing authentic luxury vintage pieces by Gucci, YSL and Fendi. She is currently planning her wedding to Formula One icon, Jenson Button. Here she reveals what she has learnt…

Love: The most magical feeling of all. To find that person that literally makes you feel sick when separating, it’s probably the best and worst feeling. Love also forces you to check your ego at the door and be considerate of your partner’s wants and feelings. Life is no longer just about you! Love has made me grow up and evolve in so many ways.

Money: It does not bring happiness. It can make your life more comfortable and enjoyable in some ways but If you’re not happy on the inside, no amount of money will fix that.

Trust: You give your heart to someone hoping they won’t break it. I used to be very closed off, guarding my heart and not trusting anyone because I had been hurt so many times. Finally, after meeting Jenson he helped me trust again. Ladies, choose wisely, don’t give your trust to just any bloke. Wait for that special one that makes you feel safe and prioritises you.

Fear: As I’ve gotten a little older, I’m more fearful of taking risks. I’m trying to overcome my fear of fear by pushing myself to try new things and experiences. I have always been ‘Miss Careful’, I envy those fearless and extremely outgoing girls.

Friends: Choose your friends very wisely, living in Los Angeles it can be so challenging to meet good people. Don’t give all your secrets away to a new friend, really take your time to get to know them and hopefully they will earn your trust.

Sex: My advice to the single ladies out there is to date as much as possible. Flirt and tease, just don’t give it away easily, because sex is the most personal thing and it should be treated as such.

Myself: I used to hold myself back and get in my own way. I’ve recently learned to be more confident in my skin and my abilities. Now I go for opportunities I wouldn’t have normally have in the past.

Society: The world sometimes feels like it’s ending, especially in America. I’ve learned to not let society dictate my happiness. Whatever is going on in the world, I choose to look at the bright side of things.

Loyalty: Loyalty is very rare, so If you find it hold on to it. I’m very lucky to have a handful of loyal people in my life.

Freedom: Freedom is in the eye of the beholder, even if you’re in a serious relationship you can feel free if you’re in the right one.


Photographer: Ian Maxion

Styling: Golgolee owner of Brigitte and Stone