What I’ve Learned with Simone Powderly

My name is Simone Powderly but my friends all call me Simba because of my mane of hair! I am proud to call myself a Model, Content Creator and Mental Health Advocate. I am also the co-founder of The Teen Experience which is a series of personal development workshops in a safe and collaborate space designed for teen girls– created alongside my business partner Jamelia Donaldson. I experienced Child Sexual Abuse and when spoke out early in my 20s I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. That’s when I started my decade long journey to heal myself which I like to share across my platforms. My sole purpose in life is to be the person that I needed when I was younger. I want to be a comforting and empowering voice for those who may have experienced something similar so all of them can know that you can still have a fulfilled life. You are not what happened to you and you sure can turn the pain into power! 

What I’ve learned:


Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself – and to others because it sure ain’t like the movies! 


I know the saying is “money can’t buy you happiness” but as someone who is a free spirit and has such an urge to travel and to see the world I have no choice but to want this schmoneeeeey! *cardi b* voice so I got to work hard! 


I’d rather love the person I trust than someone who I sometimes trust but I love! Trust holds so much weight so I seek that first and I ensure its gained not just given. I am guarded and I have every right to be. 


Stop looking at everyone else’s successes and understand what it means for me which is do everything with great purpose. Don’t let my age think that I am not successful or haven’t accomplished much because I have because it’s what matters to me! 


Feel the fear and do it anyway! I saw so many people close to me just going for it and I got jealous (not many will admit that but listen I was jealous) My fear was making me jealous and I did not like the trait.  So take the leap before someone leaps over you! 


Friends are my chosen family, I have learnt over the years to use the word ‘friend’ wisely especially the industry I am in you question a lot who is real. I am so grateful for the friends I call my sisters and brothers. Never have too many expectations because you will get hurt


Something I am still learning, having experienced sexual abuse is that I have had to unlearn so much and learn so much afresh. I now know for me that Sex is a beautiful thing and very sacred to me. I only want to exchange my energy with someone who I love. 


I am a sensitive, vulnerable and strong woman all at the same damn time and have so much more to still learn and I love that! 


If I change nothing, then nothing will change. We are all important. Stop waiting on someone else to do something about it! 


I have been a slave to loyalty. I have stayed in situations because that’s my heart through my work, relationships everything but honestly you got to learn to break when it’s not matched.  


is standing in my power and being confident who I am and what is for me. To not be caged by my past and have nothing to hold me back or weigh me down – that’s my freedom.