What You Should Know About Whiskey Clubs

Are you a whiskey connoisseur or someone who just fancies learning a little more about the different types of whiskey available? Either way, whiskey clubs are a great idea to find out more and get to try some of the best whiskeys available. Let’s discuss the whiskey, what a whiskey club is, and whether a whiskey club would be suitable for you.

What Is Whiskey?

In case you aren’t fully aware, let’s quickly discuss what whiskey is and how it’s made. Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic spirit that is made from water and a variety of grains. These ingredients include rye, corn, barley, or wheat. Whiskey is distilled and sold all around the world these days – more on that later – and is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages today. As the professionals over at https://thewhiskyclub.com.au/ say “Whiskeys form an important part in everyone’s home bar” and we couldn’t agree more. If you don’t have any top whiskey on the shelf, your guests may leave disappointed!

To make whiskey a mash of grains would be blended and pulped and then mixed with water. This water is heated gradually up to an almost boiling point. After this, the water is cooled, whilst yeast is added, which begins the fermentation process. The yeast feeds on the sugars in the boiled mash which creates the alcoholic content. After the alcohol content has risen the liquid left is distilled to help separate the alcoholic part of the drink. This is usually done in copper sills, much like gin, vodka, and other spirits. Following on from this, you can add other flavours if wanted, and then the whiskey is either bottled or aged in barrels, which can add more flavour. It’s a long process, especially if aging is included, which is why aged top-shelf whiskeys can cost a pretty penny!

History Of Whiskey

Whiskey was initially distilled in Scotland by monks in around the year 1100. As the wine was not readily available, they distilled beer made from barley. The remaining liquid became whiskey, and was used for medicine rather than as a delicious drink! Over the years the process became more refined and became a staple of Scottish and Irish tradition. Up until the 1500s, whiskey was only distilled in apothecaries and monasteries, but during this decade whiskey started to go global. As travelers left the British Isles for North America and Asia their recipes traveled with them and whiskey became ever more popular worldwide as a drink. Barrel aging whiskey developed during this era, making the liquid darker with more oaky flavors, and mellowing out the harshness of the distilled alcohol.

Types Of Whiskey

There are a few main types of whiskey you’ll find in shops today, or delivered to you from your whiskey club subscription. Some, like bourbon, have to meet certain recipe criteria to be sold under that name. Blended whiskeys, however, can be made from any grains and have a varied alcohol content whilst still being sold under the name ‘whiskey’. Let’s quickly discuss some of the most common – and best – types of whiskey out there:

1. Scotch

Scotch whiskeys made in Scotland can be both single-malt and blended whiskeys but have very specific taste characteristics. The signature is a smokiness that is gained by drying the malt over a peat fire before distillation. This is the dominant flavor profile of a scotch whiskey and makes them instantly recognizable to an experienced whiskey drinker.

2. Single Malt

Single malts are, as the name suggests, made from a single grain and made in just one distillery. These highly sought after whiskeys are each unique in their flavors and ingredients, and can be produced anywhere in the world.

3. Blended

Blended whiskey means a mixture of already distilled whiskeys from multiple barrels. This can lead to some interesting and unique flavor profiles. Some view blended whiskey as second-rate, but they certainly don’t have to be.

4. Bourbon

Bourbon originated in the United States and has some very strict restrictions on what can be in the recipe. It must be made from a minimum of 51% corn, distilled to no more than 160 proof, and be aged in brand new oak barrels each time. Most bourbon has a strong flavour and lends itself well to mixed drinks.

Whiskeys Of The World

As mentioned earlier whiskey has gone truly global in more recent times. No longer is scotch the only whiskey going. American whiskey and bourbon have become some of the best in the world. There are now major distilleries in Asia as well, specifically in Japan. Japanese whiskey has taken the market by storm and is now some of the most desirable whiskey. A good whiskey club will show you all the delights of worldwide whiskey.

What A Whiskey Club Does

A whiskey club is like many other subscription companies around today. They will source interesting, new, old, and special whiskeys for you to try. Usually, each whiskey will come with a description, tasting notes, or even cocktail recipes. If you are looking to try new whiskeys every month, or learn more about the craft of whiskey, a whiskey club is definitely a good idea for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

A good whiskey subscription can range in price from as little as $20 a month and upwards from there. There are many variables to consider. Some clubs send small taster bottles of whiskeys whereas others send one large bottle each month. Depending on how many you want to try you can choose different levels and therefore pay very different amounts.

Why You Should Subscribe

You should subscribe to a whiskey club if you think learning about the world of whiskey is something you would like to do. Without a doubt, you will try whiskeys that you have never heard of before and learn things you would never have learned about whiskey. Most subscriptions run monthly and can be canceled at any time, so it’s a very low-risk idea to pursue!

Now you should have all the information you could need regarding whiskey and whiskey clubs. We recommend searching for the best and most popular whiskey clubs in your region, look for some reviews, and see which deals suit you. If you do subscribe, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your monthly delivery of delicious spirits!