When Should You Change Some Regularly Used Household Items?

Even the cleanest people often have to replace everyday household items, such as towels and sponges. A study conducted on a thousand kitchen sponges found that they contained up to 10% harmful bacteria, noting that not replacing your household items when they have crossed the limit of their useful life can be risky. You can make yourself sick; your home’s value can deteriorate because of the unkempt living conditions. Not making crucial replacements can cause more significant damage, leading to expensive repairs eventually. So, when did you replace an old and overused item in your household? Cannot remember?

Give a check to that kitchen sponge, those pillows on your bed, and the bathroom towels. While these are some smaller products, there are appliances like water filters, faucets, sinks, dishwashers, air conditioners, and others. Of course, large ticket items come with greater life expectancy, and hence, it doesn’t make sense to throw them out too soon. However, maintenance plays a critical role. Frequent cleaning and repairs at the hint of something going wrong inside can be helpful. So, you cannot miss it. But things like kitchen faucets don’t need much consideration, especially if it has been there for some time around. You can replace outdated models with pull-down sprayer faucets by Kraus USA or so. Anyway, here is a quick rundown on a few things worth replacing or caring for from time to time. 

Smoke detectors 

The smoke alarm batteries can last for six months; still, you should check them regularly because failing to do so can be like putting yourself and your family in jeopardy. Do you feel the battery will get wasted? Add batteries with low energy to other household items such as remote controls and toys. 

Air conditioning systems

Air conditioners can run indefinitely, in many cases up to 15 years. Just ensure that you properly maintain your AC unit by washing the filter and removing dust regularly. Get it also serviced once or twice in a while. It’s also crucial to check whether your cooling system’s installation is correct or if you need a bigger one if you move into another space. After doing everything, if you encounter frequent breakdowns and downtime, you have to replace this system. Too much humidity in the room can also be a warning sign. Compare different brands when purchasing a unit, such as lennox vs trane, to find the right replacement aircon for your home.

Refrigerator filters

Replace water filter cartridges at least once a year to ensure that you have drinkable and safe water. Harmful chemicals and non-food grade heavy metals can leach into the water and ice it produces. Although replacing the cartridge in your refrigerator is expensive, using a substandard filter could be potentially harmful to your health since you don’t know for sure whether or not it meets safety standards.


Your microwave should run for at least ten years, and the best way to tell is to pay attention to any strange noises when using the device. Check the door seal for damage, as this can cause the microwave to operate inefficiently. If it takes too long to heat food, you should consider changing it.


Toothbrushes are the unsung heroes in many people’s morning routines, and frequently most people take them for granted. They rarely think about changing their toothbrush until it has gotten so frayed that replacement is the only option. The problem is that you start creating microscopic abrasions on your teeth while brushing. These can give harmful bacteria all the room it needs to multiply and eventually jeopardize your oral health and the appearance of your teeth. It can result in cavities, bad breath, or even gum disease, which one should avoid. Ideally, you can use the same toothbrush for one to three months. Also, bristle quality has to be superior to prevent hurting your teeth and gums.

Showerheads and filters

It’s vital to maintain your showerhead by regularly ensuring its cleanliness and disinfection. Showerheads contain millions of tiny holes where bacteria, mold, and mildew thrive – which have the potential to cause skin infections and make your family ill. In some cases, if left untreated for too long, it may even lead to life-threatening illnesses such as Legionnaires Disease. One easy way to ensure that the shower is in good condition is by replacing its filter at least every 12 months or no less than six months. 

It will make sure that you are showering with water filtered through a screen designed for filtering out any impurities that could be potentially harmful – making all bathers safer, healthier, and more comfortable.


Old mattresses are like ticking time bombs. They harbor dust mites and allergens, which can leave you feeling unhealthy or even cause outbreaks or other allergic reactions, but they also make it easier for bed bugs to make their way onto your mattress and into your home. And if you’ve got a kid who spends most of their day in bed, it makes having the occasional bed bug infestation much more likely. 

A mattress protector might help keep the cloth from getting dirty, but it’s still better to change an old mattress in 5 to 10 years. It isn’t just because old mattresses tend to get lumpy – but it’s also essential for health reasons.

Carpet/ rug

Rug cleaning is another option though, an easy-to-take-on project that you can handle yourself without much hassle unless you have a very delicate rug such as a scandi rug, or hand-knotted Persian rug. Change your carpet or call professional carpet cleaners to maintain your household’s and your health. Or, if you notice pet damage, it can be best to toss it away. You can give it to reclamation centers to avoid the piling issue in the landfill. Pet urine tends to carry pollens, and allergens, which can cause nasty reactions such as allergy to asthma, eye irritation, and skin rashes. Considering that your carpet has many pollutants on its fibers, it is crucial to change it once its life expectancy expires.

These are only a few examples of what you can do with them after a certain amount of time. Your house tends to be a den of countless small and oversized items. They all have a specific limit, and if used beyond their lifetime, they can turn harmful. So, it’s better to be conscious of them and their health.