Why Should You Wash Meat With Clean Water Before Cooking It?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not recommend that you wash your meat. However, you could be getting meat from open-air markets; hence, it’s impossible to cook it without cleaning it first.

Plus, some people wash their meat to fulfill cultural and religious demands, so the washing meat debate will never end. Why should you wash meat with clean water before cooking it?

So that dry spices can stick better. You could be one of those people that enjoy well-seasoned meat. In that case, you know that sometimes rubbing dry spices on dry meat can be tricky. Thus, you could wash the meat so that when you apply the spices, they stick better.

You will find lots of information on how to make seasonings stick to meat, but the easiest way is to clean your meat with clean water. Soft water is more preferable than hard water because of all the chemicals in hard water.

The blood and slime may ruin your appetite

Meat experts will advise you not to wash your meat for you will spread germs all over your kitchen. However, you may be one of those people that cannot enjoy the meat when you know you cooked it with its blood and slime.

Is there any need to vomit each time you prepare meat? Do you have to ruin your appetite because USDA says you don’t clean your chops? For stomach’s sake, wash your pieces then clean your sink thoroughly with a good bleach to kill the germs. 

For teeth’s sake, wash off the broken bones

Of course, you know that meat from the open-air market or butcheries might contain pieces of bones and dust particles. Is it necessary to wash meat before cooking? Probably not! However, is it essential to keep biting fragments of bone as you eat your meat?

It’s a fact that most people prefer to buy their meat directly from farmers. If you are one of those people, you know that the pieces have lots of debris on them, so it’s hard not to wash them off before cooking. Otherwise, you’ll keep removing bones, hair, grass, and other fragments as you eat.


To satisfy your conscience

You know some people are so clean that they must wash everything before they use it. So, one of the reasons why you should wash your meat before cooking it is to satisfy your ego. If you are a cleaning freak, there’s nothing we can do about that.

However, to be safe, make sure you use clean, soft water. Check out the best water softener, according to Ed Carmichael at CleanerSofterWater.com. Clear the sink before washing your meat, and disinfect the drain after you are done. You can get a good kitchen bleach at a store near you.

Religion and culture

Besides, the washing meat debate will not cure religion and dietary practices. If your religion or cultural practices do not allow you to eat meat that has blood, then you must wash the meat with clean water before cooking.

To remove unwanted flavors

You know that most chicken tastes like bleach because it’s treated with chlorine. It’s no secret that Americans use chlorine on their poultry. Nevertheless, some people cannot stomach that flavor, so they must clean their meat before cooking.


If you must wash your meat before cooking, make sure you don’t contaminate the whole kitchen. You don’t want to suffer from food poisoning because you cleaned your chops and steak carelessly. Should you wash your meat with clean water before cooking it, make sure you clean the area with a strong bleach afterward.