How to Create a Beautifully-Styled Hair for Your Upcoming Event

As soon as you receive an invitation to any event, you immediately start looking for a pretty outfit to wear but do not pay much attention to your hair. A good hairdo can bring out the appearance of an individual and sharpen their features, which is particularly important during events. However, choosing a hairdo that enhances your face shape, suits your hair type, and matches your outfit can be quite challenging. This detailed guide will provide a few hairstyle options that are suitable for any event and hair quality.

Beach Waves

Whether it’s a formal event or an impromptu house party, you can never go wrong with beach waves. This updo is every girl’s favorite because it enhances every ensemble and takes just a few minutes.

Tools: A comb or brush, curling iron, and hair spray.


  • Brush your hair to smoothen it out and divide it into two sections.
  • Start from the back. Pull out a few strands of your hair and twist it around the curling iron. Keep the iron in an upside position. Be careful during this step to avoid burning your hand.
  • Hold the strand for 10 to 15 seconds and let it go. Repeat with other strands until all layers are curled around the head.
  • Run your fingers through your curls to loosen them up.

Finish off with hairspray to keep your waves from falling flat.

Messy Side Braid

While some may label it old school, side braids, if created well, can enhance any look. With some practice, you can master the messy side braid look and get it right in a jiffy.

Tools: A comb, hair tie, and hair spray.


  • Brush your hair to smoothen it out. Gather all your hair strands on one side to get a deep side part.
  • Hold the hair that hangs loose and divide it into three parts to tie it in a loose braid.
  • Start braiding the hair and leave out a few loose strands.
  • Once done, use a hair tie to hold the braid. Remove a few strands of hair around your hairline and ears to create a messy look.

Use a hairspray to keep your messy braid from falling flat.

Low Chignon

If you wish to look glamorous for an important event while being effortless, a low chignon hairdo is an ideal choice.

Tools: A comb, bobby pins, and hair spray.


  • Use a thick comb to get a deep side part. Hold the front part of your hair and tuck it behind your opposite ear.
  • Swoop the back of your hair and gather all strands into a side-swept ponytail.
  • Twist it slightly, separate it into two parts, and twist the two sections again.
  • Tie both sections into a neat knot. Twist it again to tie another knot. Repeat to tie a third knot.
  • Gather the loose strands and tuck them inside using bobby pins. Finish with hairspray.

Since this hairstyle can be a bit tricky, you can take help from a professional stylist. If you live in Edinburgh, you are in luck as you can find several professional hairdressers in the city who give valuable beauty tips. The professional MacGregor hairdressers in Edinburgh recommend using a small amount of hair protection spray before you begin styling your hair. It protects your hair from heat damage and retains its texture.

Teased Ponytail

Another hairstyle that goes well with both formal and informal attire is a teased ponytail. Once you master this hairdo, you will use it for almost every occasion.

Tools: A comb, hair tie, bobby pins, and hair spray.


  • For a more voluminous look, blow dry your hair by flipping it upside down using after a wash.
  • Brush your hair to smoothen it out and separate the strands around your crown.
  • Once the top part is separated, hold it straight and tease it using a comb. Start from the middle and move towards the scalp. Keep the comb firm but not tight to prevent hair damage.
  • Repeat the motion until you get your desired volume.
  • Grab the unteased strands of hair and tie them together with the teased strands.
  • Use your fingers to detangle the teased strands.
  • Pull both sections in a high ponytail and fasten it using a hair tie.

To create a messy look, remove a few strands from the front part of your hairline. You can also adjust the height of the ponytail to create a different look. Use a hairspray to keep the ponytail in place.

Half Top Knot

Even though this hairdo suits an urban chic look, more and more stylists are recommending this style for formal and informal events. Whether it’s a discreet gathering or a romantic date, you can create a half topknot to look elegant.

Tools: A comb, hair tie, bobby pins, and hair spray.


  • Brush your hair to smoothen it out and separate the top part of your hair around your crown.
  • Gather the strands and fasten them using a hair tie to create a half ponytail.
  • Hold the ponytail and loosely twist it around the hair tie. Pile the strands on top of each other to create a half knot or a half-bun. Fasten it using a hair tie.
  • Pull a few strands out of the topknot and fix the hairdo with bobby pins.

Use a hairspray to keep your half topknot in place. As explained above, you can tease your hair to create a more voluminous look and add a touch of pizzazz to your half topknot look. For an informal event, release a few strands of hair in the front to create a messy look.

Carry a few hair products such as bobby pins, dry shampoo, hair mousse, and hairspray in your bag to fix your hairdo on the go.

These five hairstyles will emphasize your overall look and boost your confidence in every party or event you step into. These are easy to create, take just a few minutes, and go with any outfit. If you are still unable to create an elegant look at your home, hire a professional. Whether it’s a business event or an informal gathering, impress your guests with these splendid hairstyles.