Tips for Combining Travel and Illness

If you are chronically or terminally ill and you love to travel, you face a set of challenges that most of your fellow travelers do not. However, if travel is something that you love, you don’t necessarily have to give it up, and it may have become more important to you than ever before. The tips below can help you plan a trip even if you have a serious illness.

Collaborate With Your Doctor

You need to work in collaboration with your medical team to find out what you can and cannot do, how to stay healthy, and what is reasonable for you to expect on this trip. Your doctor may advise that flying is not a good idea for you or that you should take other kinds of precautions. You might also be able to work out an optimal time to travel. There may times in your treatment when you are more vulnerable to infection than others. You can work with your doctor to schedule your travel around your treatment plans.

Money Issues

Unfortunately, being ill can be costly even if you have insurance. If you want to add travel on top of that, you might find yourself with a tighter budget than you are comfortable with. However, you could look at your assets and whether there are things that you no longer need. It might be possible for you to sell your life insurance policy as part of a viatical settlement. This is an option that may be available for those who have been diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness. You can review a guide that gives you more information on this process and whether it might be a good choice in your circumstances.

Dealing With Family

Your family members may have a range of reactions to your travel plans. They might be very supportive, or they may be fearful or concerned. They might be worried that you are trying to do something that is beyond your capacity, or they could be upset if you are going to spend time away from them. This is one reason it can be a good idea to get your medical team on your side since they might be able to reassure your loved ones. You can also talk about ways to remain safely connected and include them in your travel plans.

Choose Your Destination Carefully

Choose your destination with any limitations in mind. If you are in a wheelchair, destinations for thrill seeker travelers might be limiting, you have to think, will you be able to get around easily? Are there precautions you need to keep in mind, such as making sure that you don’t get too much sun? You may also need to plan your itinerary more carefully than you are accustomed to, allowing ample time to get enough rest. Be sure that you are also able to get the nutrition that you need. Know how to get medical assistance at your destination if necessary. Take your time, and be prepared to move more slowly than you normally would.